November 29, 2015

Small Business News: Technology Torrent


We live in a time when the changes in technology rush at us like the torrent of information that technology now allows us to exchange. For small business owners, wise use of technology is the key to success. Failure to use it or to keep abreast of the changes all around you is a doomed strategy. At the same time, it’s important to be discerning, to be able to tell the difference between what will be important for your small business and what is only a passing fad. In this roundup we have looked at some of the change out there as it relates to small business, collected what we believe may be important for you to know about, tapped into the torrent of change. But entrepreneurs and small business owners must chart their own way through these changing times deciding what is important and what, like yesterday’s styles, will soon be forgotten. Welcome to the future of business.


The tech your SMB needs. When it comes to technology, it’s important to understand what your small business needs. That will mean different things to every business and to every small business owner and entrepreneur. The above list is a great start but a look at the comment section under the linked to article will show you there’s still some difference of opinion. As a rule, buying the best of anything will not always make you more productive but skimping on needed technology may cost your company more in the end. 

Social Media

How will your business use the new Facebook? Facebook is at it again with a technical tweak that arguably could prove more far reaching in its impact then the new “places” feature at least as far as productivity is concerned. The new Facebook “pals” space creates smaller groups with a private default creating an environment much closer to a private corporate intranet. Could this become a new collaboration tool for small business? Yahoo! News 


Coming soon, your own custom Foursquare URL? Well, not exactly. However, it would definitely be on the list of new features to be added to the next upgrade of the popular check-in software if some marketers had their way. Food for thought. Hope you’re listening foursquare developers. This one could be a winner! Catalyst Marketers

Geolocation basics. It’s everything about Foursquare you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. How this new check-in software is giving more mature social media a run for its money in the world of marketing, especially when it comes to marketing a bricks and mortar business. Check out this overview of how it works and how small businesses are using it.


A better screen and no more lap top. As technology keeps growing more complex while making our lives simpler, there are new features that increase the range of what our ordinary business computers can offer us and, at the same time, help us reduce our dependence on bulky equipment especially inconvenient while traveling. You may never need an “IMAX on your desk” but exchanging a laptop for a PC-on-a-stick has its appeal. 


Track expenses from your smart phone. There will probably be more and more mobile apps for small business because small business owners are always on the go. As ProOnGo CEO and Founder, Phil Leslie explains in a recent interview, “I don’t know many businesspeople who spend their whole week at their desk, but I know quite a few businesspeople who are running between client meetings, partner meetings, the home office, trips to ‘headquarters’, trade shows, and the like. Businesspeople are mobile, and the software they depend on should be mobile too!” SmallBizTechnology


When upgrading to Mac, remember safety first. It’s that time. Time for your small business to exchange those rough-and-ready Toshibas or those comfortable but perhaps not quite powerful enough Dells for your first Macs. But with a better machine comes new concerns, especially when it comes to security. Though Apple is known for its security measures, be aware that it’s wise for you to take steps to protect your data as well.

Do you know the three ways cyber criminals can take your business out? Don’t believe it couldn’t happen to your business. Simply check out some of the basic tricks of the “hunters and gatherers” of the Internet before your small or medium sized business becomes their prey. To take steps toward prevention you first must understand the vulnerabilities in your business cyber criminals can exploit. Beware. Symantec


Need some help with all that technology? IT professionals are happy to lend small business owners and entrepreneurs a helping hand with increasingly complex technology they assume is taking more and more away from running a business. Well, guess what IT guys, for years you called the shots even though many forms of technology are becoming so intuitive that IT pros may want to worry about their job security. USA Today

Small businesses put their faith in technology rather than hiring. With an uncertain economy it seems logical that thrifty small to medium sized businesses would seek ways to cut costs even as they begin to climb out of the depths of the recession. But those cuts aren’t across the board since small businesses are wise enough to realize some investment must be made for the future. Instead it seems small businesses are turning to technology in an effort to do more with less. Data Solutions

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