November 27, 2015

Small Business News: The Art of Entrepreneurship


The art of entrepreneurship balances tons of factors from navigating complicated policy, marketing and financing realities to building and molding a winning team and then leading that team to victory. All of this must be done, of course, with a constant eye to the vision of your business itself. This includes focus on the quality of the product or service you deliver, the mission you fulfill and the quality of your organization and what you do. Here are some tips we hope will help you on your way.


Could credit unions be the salvation for small business financing? Well, perhaps, but not until caps placed on the amount of money they can loan are lifted. For a more in depth look at the issue of how credit union caps continues to impact a possible solution for small business financing needs, see the complete overview by executive editor Anita Campbell. Small Business Trends

How much difference does government policy really make? Campaigns are supercharged on the issue of small business this year. (We’ve done a few roundups right here on Small Business Trends about the subject) but how much do voters believe it. Check out the results of a recent voter survey on how much government policy really makes in small business success. What do you believe? Small Business Trends

Policies that encourage entrepreneurship now. If you’ve thinking about starting a small business, there may really be no time like the present. Specifically, there could be big incentives for starting a new venture before the end of 2010 thanks to some recently passed legislation. Read more to discover whether these incentives may be favorable for starting your new business before the new year.


A question of gender. Is there really any difference at all between male and female entrepreneurs? Not too much, according to some recent research which examined the backgrounds of 652 entrepreneurs in the tech industry and 549 entrepreneurs from other industries. Here is an overview of their findings. So, what do you think? Are you surprised by the results? Do you feel there is a significant difference between male and female entrepreneurs? Small Business Trends


15 reasons your sales force should be blogging. Even if you had a sales force or 1000 (or more) one sales consultant would argue every one of them should be blogging. So obviously he’d argue your little sales team should be blogging too. But wait. Don’t they need that time to be out on sales calls and making cold calls? Aren’t they going to be wasting their time with all that blogging? You may be surprised at the answer. Todd Youngblood’s “SPE” Blog


How will entrepreneurs of the future manage their money? Check out editor & technology evangelist Ramon Ray’s interview with Jessica Mah, founder of inDinero, a not-accounting-software solution that may be one of the possible answers to this question. If you’re more interested in organizing your money and getting a snapshot of how your business is doing right now, a whole new generation of technology may be pointing the way.


Can Google help your small business? Lisa Barone gives this brief overview of the recently announced Google Boost, a platform the search engine giant claims will help local business owners connect with customers in their area. So how does this product work and how can it help your small business? Have a look at Lisa’s full report. Small Business Trends

Human Resources

Can a jerk in your small business cost you more than they’re worth? The reason so many entrepreneurs are willing to tolerate employees who rub everyone else the wrong way is that they tend to be the same people who are able to deliver extraordinary results in a particular area of business like no one else. The challenge, says Ken Kauffman, is to check out how they may be costing you in other vital areas and make sure the results are worth the cost. CFO Wise


What really makes a successful business? Well, yes, it is tied in with this new fangled idea of social media. It’s a communications tool that can help you talk to people about your product or service anytime or anywhere. More than that, though, it’s what other people, your customers, can say about you, positive or negative, depending on their experience. Mainly, as Mark Brimm explains, technology has allowed the conversations about your product, good or bad, to happen much quicker and much more publicly. So stop worrying about marketing and damage control and just get it right! Marcana


What’s your business philosophy? Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, would probably be among the first to caution you to seek other advice besides his own. However, in the interest of gaining as many opinions as possible upon which to base your philosophy, here are five more in the form of answers to so-called “rapid-fire” questions on lessons learned from a life as a serial entrepreneur. Open Forum Innovation

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of these folks. I particularly enjoyed Todd’s post on the 15 reasons the sales force should all be blogging. The point is well made about making the blog “real” so that people can see the people in the company.

    There is often a fear I think about putting personal thoughts into a business blog. My own view – this is what makes it human. Bringing the personal view in as opposed to purely the company view makes it much more likely that a potential customer will move to the next step with the person behind that blog. No-one likes dealing with impersonality in sales – be that on-line or otherwise.

    I’d also add that perhaps it should not be just the sales guys – perhaps those in other areas could contribute also – you never know where those little gems are going to come from that can help the business in its goals.

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