November 25, 2015

Small Business News: The Business of the Future!


The future is here as far as small business goes. A rapidly changing economic and technological landscape has almost completely changed the idea of what it means to be in business including the trappings of a storefront location or office, a large bank loan and hiring and buying merchandise. (As we’ll see even the small business Website isn’t what it was a few years ago.) But the core values of running a small business, or any business, have remained the same: create value, operate efficiently, be profitable. Here are the ways small business has changed. It’s the wave of the future:


The rise of the home-based business. Of course, the home-based business is nothing new, but with new communications technology including the Internet, lower overhead costs and potential increase in productivity, the home business has probably never been so viable an option. But, as in the case of more traditional businesses, it all comes down to persistence in planning, finance and management. Klariti


The death of the one-way Website. Many may not be surprised to hear that the clunky old non-interactive Website is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, observes David Siteman Garland, in this recent presentation, a lot of those people forgot to tell the majority of small business owners who still use these things. If you’re using anything even remotely like what David’s describing in this video as your small business Web presence, it’s high time for an overhaul. The Rise To THe Top

The death of the Web? What, you say? How can this be? Well, the Internet may remain an important part of the future of small business for a good long time yet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Web as we know it will survive. Chief tech know-it-all Chris Anderson and writer Michael Wolff have the latest on Internet user behavior and, perhaps more importantly, what it all means. When it comes to marketing, less search more apps.


The rise of online video. Stop tinkering with that Website and pick up a Flip camera. Drawing from the article above, veteran marketer Chris Hamilton insists that, if you’re not already in the minority in failing to use video in your online marketing campaign, you soon will be. Check out the data, read more and watch Chris’s video tutorials to learn how you can get started. Sales Tip A Day

The rise of the social Net. Even if the Web as we know it with search and page rank is in decline the Internet and a new dominant form of social media is definitely on the rise. Forget everything you’ve heard about a coherent strategy. Don’t wait around the edge of this deep pool. Come on in. The water’s fine. There’s only one thing you’ve got top understand about social media, says Roger Overall, and that is that more presence equals more opportunity. Wedding Marketing Blog


The rise of emerging markets. Advisors are recommending investment in emerging markets where middle class consumerism is on the rise, but could this represent an opportunity not only for investment but for new markets as well. Small businesses are uniquely poised in an era of global communication to market their products anywhere in the world. Don’t forget potentials in emerging markets when evaluating your marketing options.


Getting ready for a whole new lifestyle. A new flexible and sometimes home-based work environment will create plenty of positives like more quality time with family, less commuting and probably more productivity due to the lack of that commute. But evolving this new approach also requires a radical change in lifestyle for the new small business person. Frank Bradley shares some thoughts about what it all means. Tweak Your Biz


Using social media for recruitment. A change has even crept into the way we may find our first hires when the time comes to bring in help for our small business venture. It may also affect the way we find partners, suppliers and contractors and anything else we may need as our business grows and matures. Social media has another very different function apart from marketing our products and services and building our brands. As John Kamara explains, it will also impact the way we hire and search for resources too. Tweak Your Biz


The rise of app marketing. Does your small business have an app? Does it need one? If you haven’t yet become conversant on what these new tools can do to spread the word about your products and services and to indirectly increase your revenue, it’s high time you checked out Adam Boyden’s post on the small business app revolution and figure out how to create tools that promote your business, products and service today. Small Business Trends


The more things change, the more they stay the same. Ultimately, as we said at the beginning of this roundup, some core aspects of running a small business never change despite new technology and new capabilities. When absorbing all the things that are different about starting and running a business today, don’t forget the things that remain as fundamentally true today as they always have been. CFO Wise

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  1. I don’t think the web is dead yet due to apps. Small businesses can create great niche apps through croudsourcing and market them through social media and ratings on the app stores like iTunes.

    However apps are merely tools. Professionals seek out specific niche tools which small businesses can easily tailor. Larger corporations create more of a swiss army knife for a real life situation where multiple light tools are combined to create more value than the sum of the individual tools.

    Expect to see larger brands creating (or purchasing) smaller brands for niche tools and using the light versions of them in their more general swiss army knifes. This is the exact technique we used in our Pandora Radio

    One more note is that apps are somewhat limited as they can’t be updated in real time (e.g. Apple approvals and limitations). http solves this issue. I think interactive websites will replace many of the tools on the web.

    jake sigal, founder and ceo
    livio radio

  2. Great information there about future trends in the internet. I loove Jake’s input and illustration about those smaller brands and larger brands techniques’ in using these tools in the social media world. I believe that these interactive websites like memberships, forums and blogs and social network groups are solving the problem marketers are addressing while meeting a major human need~the need to belong! These apps can only work side by side with interactive websites but cannot replace.

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