November 28, 2015

Small Business News: The Case For SMBs


Small to medium sized businesses remain the backbone not only of the U.S. economy but of economies around the world, yet the tensions between entrepreneurs and government policy always seem palpable. If we want our economies globally to survive and thrive, we must tell our leaders to adopt policies that support entrepreneurs and their efforts. This roundup looks at the realities and poses some questions about how we can move forward.


High federal debt will inevitably impact small business. A recent news story examines the disintegration of small businesses in Greece as the country’s debt increases leading to increased taxes and dramatically dampened consumer demand. Those who suggest high public debt will not damage small business or can improve the econony in the long run now have a test case and the prognosis is not good.

Small business is the “chord and webbing.”¬† Here in the U.S., President Barack Obama stopped recently in Rhode Island to tout efforts he says will aide small business growth after a punishing recession. Though the White House has focused on restarting the lending process for small businesses and tax incentives for the new investment, little is said in the address about the other side of the equation, a rising debt and looming tax increases that may further hurt consumer spending. The White House

Small business will be key issue. No matter whose policies you agree with, it’s clear that small business will be a definite focus in the November 2010 U.S. elections. One organization, the NFIB, has released a slate of endorsed federal candidates and a video outlining the policies they believe are critical to help small businesses grow in a challenging economy. National Federation of Independent Business


Tax answers for your small business. So you’re starting a home based business. What deductions are you permitted to claim and how do you go about filling out the paperwork? Small business and personal coach Lillyvette Montalvo takes time out as a guest expert to advise a work at home mom on tax deductions for her Web design startup. Business Owners’ Idea Cafe

Tax deduction Q&A. You want to get your maximum tax deductions while staying out of trouble with the taxman. Understanding, of course, that taxes may vary greatly from nation to nation, depending on where you live and where your small business is located, allowable tax deductions could vary wildly. This post is merely a starting point. Research the tax law of your state, province or nation to be sure your deducting what you observe. Nolo

New taxes coming at the end of 2010. Again, here in the U.S., small businesses will see significant tax increases in two distinct areas at the end of this year if policies are not¬†altered. Small business advocates say return of the estate tax or “death tax” as it is called by opponents and the expiration of widespread income tax cuts established in 2001 will both hurt small businesses significantly. National Federation of Independent Business


The ultimate guide. Want to know the most important part of starting and running an effective small to medium sized business? Some experts say it is being effective at hiring, managing and nurturing the right team. Sounds great, right? But putting this idea into action is a bit more complicated.

Preventing turnover can save you a fortune. Ever thought about the cost of hiring new employees after staff members have moved on? You should. This interesting article has a couple of attention getting statistics and savings calculations that will make you want to engage staff as much as possible to keep them right where they are, using their talents to help your business grow. Winning Workplaces


How important are benefits? Very, according to a recent survey of workers by the Financial Services Roundtable and Employee Benefit Research Group. In fact, the survey found many could not be completely satisfied in their jobs without them. Worried about investing in benefits for employees? Consider what you’ll spend to replace them. Grow Small Business


Making your business location independent. Of course, no matter where in the world you may call home, it may not matter in many cases when it comes to creating a small business that connects a team of employees, freelancers or collaborators around the globe. Ivan Widjaya gives a product overview of Teambox, one software package making location independent businesses and workforces a reality.

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