November 29, 2015

Small Business News: Biz with Benefits


Today biz with benefits is about much more than the small business tips we’ve all heard about at the local chamber of commerce. A whole new set of tools and techniques lets you do business anywhere and in any way you wish with more flexibility than ever before possible. But it also allows you greater insight into running your small business than ever before. Here are some of the basics:


How to do a great business follow up. Fred Caballero delivers this awesome advice on great business follow-ups in the age of digital technology. Fred reminds us of the importance of great impressions and how to make them in the online world via LinkedIn and even hi def video. Come along for the tutorial and even check out Fred’s great hi def video follow-up. Tweak Your Biz

From marketing research to PR. Crowdsourcing is growing up and here, examining an unconventional example in the use of crowdsourcing by a larger federal agency, FEMA, we see how the tool can “take away our whiner status.” Thus crowdsourcing has gone beyond marketing research. It has become a way for not only requesting input but also making customers or constituents responsible for the developing solutions. How could your small business use crowdsourcing today? QuestionPro Blog


How to manage jerks in the workplace. Ivana Taylor reviews the book No Jerks on the Job by Ron Newton. As an owner or manager of a small business, have you ever had to manage a jerk in the workplace? How did you handle it? What was the result? How did it work out in the end? More than just a business book, this is a guide to dealing with all the unreasonable people in your life. Small Business Trends

Marketing your business with strategic alliances. What if there was a way to boost sales, get more customers, and effectively expand your marketing budget to leverage the same level of influence as a larger rival. Then imagine that all this could be done with no upfront investment and with fairly limited risk. One way to accomplish all this (and more) is through strategic alliances, says Mar Dewitte. Market Your Small Business


Do you have a vCard for your business e-mails? The term vCard refers to an electronic business card or virtual card that can be attached to your small business e-mail and passed along to prospects who can open and save your vCard in their e-mail program and easily pass it to others. Check out Chris Hamilton’s video on creating an electronic business card for your business communications. Sales Tip A Day

Treat your blog like the business it is. It is after all. There are several ways to view your blog, says Sherryl Perry. One way is to view your blog as way to promote your business. This would include using a blog to drive traffic toward another business Website. But another way to view the equation is to see the blog as your business. What sources of revenue might a blog have in its own right? Keep Up With The Web


What the Bible’s King David can teach us about persistence. Actually, Michael has supplied a considerable amount of information in this post, not just about King David but also about other leaders who, despite weaknesses, went on to achieve great things. There’s also a wonderful video here you won’t want to miss. Michael G. Holmes.

Let your customers build your company. Sound crazy? Well, that’s what Greg Gianforte, founder of RightNow Technologies did. When Greg began his business, he simply called up about 400 potential customers and asked how he could help them solve their e-mail problems. Then he created a product that fit their needs and delivered it to them. Still sound crazy? Read his story. Small Business Trends

Marketing & Sales

Do you have a sales funnel? What is a sales funnel? How can it help my marketing? How do I capture leads more readily and how can I develop a process which will more readily turn these into actual sales? If you find yourself any of these key questions to creating a successful business model, wonder no more. Check out this post to learn about building a sales funnel for your business and how to use it correctly. Solo Biz Coach

2010 Brand and Marketing Trends. It’s well known that brand and marketing trends go hand in hand. But what trends have 2010 brought in both brand and marketing and what bearing to they have on your small business. Eleven top trends show where things are headed and how they may evolve. Though not mentioned by name in the subheadings here, social media is clearly at the heart of many of the changes. Expect continuing trends toward engagement and other similar techniques in the future. B2C Marketing Insider

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