November 25, 2015

Small Business News: Building Your Small Business Empire


Thinking big in your small business will stop you from ignoring potential markets, and allow you to try those super cool ideas you might think your business is too small to attempt. The technical tools of the Internet and mobile technology are at your command. Here are some ideas for building your small business empire. Your small business need not be filled with small ideas. Check out our small business news and information roundup and make it happen.

Business Basics

Too much of a good thing. The ability to tinker, especially with technology, but also with business models, products, services etc. is a trait that can mark the truly successful startup. After all, plenty of changes in direction may be necessary as initial assumptions of the market are tested and calibrations are made to match the business model fit the real market out there rather than the one you imagined in your business plan. But, like anything, too much of this may lead to trouble, says Ben Yoskovitz, founding partner of Year One Labs. Instigator Blog

Online Video, TV and the truth about customer decision. Understanding why your customers make the choices they do is a key component of creating your small business empire. Here entrepreneur Mark Cuban make some observations online video enthusiasts predicting the death of television may disagree with. But understanding the reasons different customers and demographics make the choices they do can be critical to appreciating how your product or service will fare and with whom. Blog Maverick

New Frontiers

Mark Zuckerberg’s guide to industry disruption. Robert Scoble has this report on new roll outs from Facebook that may finally totally shift the way you market your business. It’s also a great lesson for entrepreneurs even on the smallest level to think big when it comes to disrupting your industry. If you want to be successful, don’t just provide another brand delivering the same service, create a new service completely. It takes some creativity but will put you in a class by yourself. Scobleizer

The location-based revolution. Facebook may be quickly getting into the world of check-in apps, but it was Foursquare that introduced the concept of not only being obsessed with who your friends might know but also finding out where they might be hanging out. Watch the videos and start thinking about to market and network your small business with this new capability.

Marketing Metrics

A great business is still about the idea. Convince yourself all you want that it’s all about the hard work (it is in a way) but coming up with the right idea sure makes the work easier. Creating the idea that changes the world is something that hasn’t changed since the early days of advertising. If you want a great business, do what the guys on Mad Men do. Look for an idea and learn how to create your marketing around it. Copyblogger

Online marketing in 12 simple steps. Stoney deGeyter’s steps for online marketing improvement read like an Alcoholics Anonymous pledge. The first step is to admit you have a problem. Are you sure your online marketing is all it should be? If not, it may be time to take things to the next level. Follow the rest of these marketing steps to realize online marketing success. How are your online marketing efforts? Search Engine Guide

Customer Care

Is your client falling out of love with you? Some things don’t last and regrettably your relationships even with your best clients may someday fall into this category if they feel differently about the relationship in the future or they move into another stage of their business. Being flexible means knowing the signs of a relationship that may be changing. M4B Marketing

Are you focused enough on your customers? We’re not talking here only about what you sell each one and what you could potentially sell them more of. We’re talking about the challenges they face, what they think of you and your company etc. We’re talking not only about what they need now but what they may need in the future. We may even be talking about understanding what they will need to make their business grow. Getting the idea of what you should know? Do you know it? Chris Brogan

Information Please

Are you plugged in to global entrepreneurship? Whether you live in Silicon Valley or far outside the tech startup world (or major centers of business like New York City or Los Angeles) it’s important to remain informed. And it has never been easier to plug in to a thriving global entrepreneurial community than it is today, says Ben Yoskovitz, founding partner of Year One Labs. How plugged in are you? Instigator Blog

A blogging how-to for your small business. You may never wish to build a business out of a blog alone, but creating one for your product or service is an excellent way to start marketing who you are and what you do at virtually no cost. The importance of creating an informative blog, building an audience and making sure they regularly come back for more of your content cannot be overstated. Blog business guru Yaro Starak shares some thoughts in this podcast. Hector Cuevas

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  1. Anita- Every day you seem to have way of accumulating great stuff and posting it in a coherent way. Much of the information is what I call “implementable”, but my biggest issue is finding the time to implement all the ideas you publish on a daily basis.

    I’ll keep trying.

  2. Keeping the costs down whilst presenting a professional image is always a challenge for the Small Business. For any business look at hosted services, for your telephony and email infrastructure. That way you can use the best services available, whether they be from Microsoft or a local provider, without having to make capital expenditure. This allows you to get Enterprise scale systems but still retain your capital to invest in building your business, rather than in the plumbing that you need to run the business.

  3. Anita- I just read the article on the earthquake in online marketing over the past decade. Actually there has been an earthquake in MARKETING over the last decade. After coming out of retirement, I found that all the rules changed.

    Thanks for my continuous education.

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