November 28, 2015

Small Business News: Rules To Live By


What are your small business rules to live by? We’re willing to bet everyone has their own. Yet, it is always helpful to interact with others and to develop new ideas for how you might implement things in the future. Here are some suggestions from a very broad cross section. Creating a sustained and successful business is about having the right rules and implementing them properly.


After the smoke has cleared. Lots of people talk about having a plan, whether for the launch of a business startup, the beginning of a marketing campaign, the launch of a management initiative., whatever. But Frank Bradley argues more, many more, should concerned about an “after action review” to figure out how things went and how they can improve next time. Don’t use excuses when thinking about the “after action review.” It has the potential of helping things go smoother next time around. Tweak Your Biz


How collaborative is your small business? Or, put another way, how collaborative are the workers inside it…or the contractors or freelancers who work with you? The answer could determine not just whether your company will be a leader in the changing business environment. It could also impact your bottom line which can affect your business’s survival. Ready Talk


What’s in a name? Quite a bit, as it turns out. That is if you ever intend for anyone to give you startup cash. Now, if you’re a bootstrapper, plan to use your own money, funding from family and friends or happen to be blessed with the kind of business that needs little money to get started, disregard all this…maybe!  For the rest, here’s a tongue and cheek look at how to obsess over your company name. Chubby Brain


Choosing between a personal and corporate brand. When choosing between a personal and corporate brand for your business, which is the better choice. I know. I know. We’ve blogged here before about small business being all about people, but in this unique post, Luke of Melbourne poses an interesting dilemma. Could the same personal brand that opens doors and makes it easy to relate limit growth potential and erode your privacy? ProBlogger


New rules for marketing. The old way of marketing is gone. Behold, all things are become new. And if you truly want to understand why the traditional pitch doesn’t work anymore, why becoming a world-class influencer is key or why attraction is no the name of the game, listen to this podcast from Robert Bruce interviewing Brian Clarke. CopyBlogger

Products & Services

Is your product or service too perfect? One tech entrepreneur, Matt Mullenweg of, weighs in on another tech entrepreneur, Steve Jobs of Apple, on the topic of waiting too long to get your products or services to market. So what does this have to do with you and your small business? Plenty. Matt lays out the reasons for getting your stuff out there and into the hands of customers fast. If you don’t, someone else will.


Why, in business, you will have to alienate somebody. Think you can go through operating your business and innovating without upsetting some of your loyal customers? Just forget it. Instead, count on it that if you innovate and delight the vast majority of your fans, at least 2 percent will be unhappy with what you’ve done. And unhappy enough to make a lot of noise about it. Seth Godin’s Blog

Home Business

Reasons for running your business from home. Not every business needs an office on main street. Not everyone needs a showroom, conference room, board room, waiting room. Not everyone needs a place customers can visit or one where you need to go everyday. In fact, many businesses these days don’t need a location at all. (Some do. But many don’t.) Here’s why working at your house may be a better idea. BellaOnline


Are you really an entrepreneur? I mean really? Well, if you’re not, Jolie O’Dell really thinks you ought to stop calling yourself one. You’re not an entrepreneur if you’ve simply got an idea, are looking for funding, unemployed or underemployed. We’re not sure we agree with Jolie’s premise entirely here. Do you really need to have an investor to be an entrepreneur? What about the businesses that were started with almost nothing. Bootstrapped you might say? Still, it’s a good reminder that it’s important to move an idea forward not just have one.


U.S. small businesses finally projecting sales increases. The single greatest factor in the U.S economy and economies around the world is expected to make a comeback soon. That based on a small business survey that found small businesses’ confidence at a five month high due to the projection of increased sales in the near future. Despite all the concern about loans and financing, sales, of course, is what keeps any small business afloat. What factors do you think are most important for small businesses to thrive? Bloomberg

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