November 25, 2015

Small Business News: Small Biz Bonanza


On this day after Thanksgiving, we thought we’d create a feast of small business resources ourselves. Please dig in and enjoy every tasty morsel. This bonanza of small business information should help you grow your small business this holiday season or plan for the startup small business you’re planning for the New Year.


A quick guide to online small business presence. How quick? Try under an hour. Not just hype, this guide to the resources you need to put your business online or establish an online business quickly should not be underestimated. And it is useful to much more than simply the blog’s target audience. The post is full of awesome resources (with links to recommended sites) can takes much of the time and learning curve out of creating a Website for your business. The Young Girl’s Guide

Beware the early adopters. It’s telling that Marty Zwilling’s post begins with a photo of “Mr. Early Adopter” himself Robert Scoble. But wait. Aren’t early adopters supposed to be your target audience? Well, Marty has two major concerns about this approach. While niche marketing can be a good place to start, be sure your niche is big enough. It’s a critical distinction to be sure your business is not ignoring an even bigger market elsewhere. Startup Professionals Musings


Vote in the small business book awards. The 3rd annual Small Business Book awards are awaiting your vote. Make you selections for your top choice of small business book award and help decide the winner. Participating takes only minutes. The top ten vote getters will all be added to the 2010 winner’s list with other attendant benefits, so select your favorites today. Small Business Trends


Document management tips: it’s not just for big businesses. If you think your small business can’t benefit from efficient document management or that worrying about issues like document management is something only the big guys do, think again. Here’s an overview of how small businesses can use document management to enhance their business efforts along with some who are already using the technique effectively.

Protecting your confidential stuff while doing business. In an economy driven by information and ideas, how do you protect yours if they are the essence of your business? In short, when information an innovative ideas are the basis for your business, how to protect these ideas from theft. Jeffrey Fabian offers some ideas in this guest post. 365 Days of Startups

Tips for your small business office. Earlier in this roundup we posted about getting your business online. But a physical location (office space) may also be a necessity when creating a small business depending upon whether you will be needing a place to display products for sale, offer services or interact with clients and customers. Here are tips that should help you set up an office with ease. EpicLaunch


Will you be celebrating small business Saturday? We won’t be posting tomorrow, but we’d like to add this reminder that the Saturday after Thanksgiving (and after today’s well-known Black Friday shopping event, has a designation as well. It’s the day we support small businesses by…well, shopping there. Would you like to support small businesses in your community? Read our full post for more. Small Business Trends


Tips for boosting holiday small business sales. These are easy tips most small businesses can implement easily. These ideas for boosting holiday sales are something any small business could come up with on their own, but sometimes with the rush of the holiday season, we ignore the opportunity to take advantage of the one of the best sales boosting ideas available all year long. Grow Smart Business


Alternatives to big bank loaning. So you’ve decided you’ll need some funding to start that new business or to take an existing business to the next level. Understand first that a big bank loan is not your only option. Monica Mehta offers three other options you may want to consider. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Family funding may a decreasing option for small business. Of all the options out there for small business investment, getting money from relatives is becoming less popular, in part due to a rough economy. This report talks about one of the most well-known investment opportunities available for small business and why, overall the practice may be in decline. WSJ

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  1. How did you celebrate Thanksgiving Day? I read a passage of David Price’s book, Love and Hate in Jamestown: John Smith, Pocahontas, and the Heart of a New Nation and sent a mental thank-you note to the “gold diggers” of Virginia Company and founders of Jamestown.

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