December 1, 2015

Small Business News: Small Biz Beginner’s Guide


Starting your business is the beginning of an ongoing adventure. Perhaps the one truly great truth about small business ownership or entrepreneurship is that the effort never ends. For this reason, the roundup below is appropriate both for newer entrepreneurs and for small business owners who have been running their ventures for quite some time. To keep your business thriving, remember to keep seeking knowledge as you grow. We hope the tips below will help.


Looking for business partners? Like marriage or any other really important relationship in life, business partnership is not something to be entered lightly. It’s very important to know somethings about your future partner before formally deciding to work with them. Blogger Joseph Gustav makes the following suggestions when seeking a small business soul mate. Techie Mania

So why do you want to be a small business owner? You would think that anyone heading into entrepreneurship should have already asked this question. And what a worthwhile question to ask. Joel Libava files this post aimed primarily at the prospective franchise owner but let’s face it. If you’re thinking about going into a small business…any small business…this question really should be on your mind. The Franchise King Blog


Don’t let your business be Kmarted. You probably already know any successful business needs a niche. But what will you do if a stronger competitor moves into your market leaving you no where to go? Do you know how to avoid the fate of a second runner up? This is a look at how one high profile retailer went wrong and how you can get it right. EpicLaunch

The importance of trademark for your small business branding. One of the best ways to protect your business’s position in the market, is through a business trademark. A trademark is not the same as a brand and has clear legal implications. Here Jeffrey Fabian explains a bit more about the process, what to look for and why a trademark may be right for you. 365 Days of Startups


The art of motivation without the cash. Starting a business often means building a team and often with less money than might be ideal. In today’s market, lack of adequate financing for startups forces entrepreneurs to seek creative ways of getting the best talent and getting them properly motivated to move your company forward. Here are some alternative suggestions when it comes to motivation when increasing monetary compensation is not an option.  Startup Professionals Musings


There’s a whole new way of selling for your business. And it starts with your LinkedIn profile. A large part of getting the most out of your new business is mastering sales, but regrettably many traditional sales methods may not work as well for you as they used to. To solve this problem, check out this great post on the new trend of social selling. Find out how you can harness the tools of social media for your new business. The InsideView Blog

Social Media

Social media is all about making great first impressions. Making a great first impression with your new business on Facebook can be critically important especially at a time when FB may be the most heavily trafficked and influential social media available. A new tool makes social media branding on the planet’s most popular social media platform a breeze with a great welcome page that should set your business apart. Network Solutions


Making your blog known. Getting your blog quickly indexed by search engines like Google is one critically important way of marketing your blog to readers. Regardless of what SEO gurus may tell you, getting listed on a search engine is not as complicated as you might at first believe. Be aware, however, that getting listed a climbing to the top of the search engines in your particular niche are two very different things. Blog Godown

So who are your customers and what is your audience? Another important step toward effective online marketing, or any marketing for that matter, is to determine who may want your product or service and how best to reach them. When developing Search Engine Optimization strategy, step one is to define your target audience and figure out what they want from you. Sprike


Are you building small business momentum? It may not be something you’re terribly worried about when starting your small business, but little by little inertia will take over in your business no matter how enthusiastic you may have been in the beginning. This is the opposite of the momentum you will need to develop in order to keep your business growing and innovating. Inertia, by contrast, can kill your business. Here’s how to prevent it. Corporate Coach Group

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