November 29, 2015

Small Business News: Small Biz Survival


Small business survival is an important issue, not only for small business owners themselves and also for the global economy. Here in the U.S. a survival index gives us some idea of the environment in which small businesses thrive. Here are the basics of the report and some other tips in a roundup aimed to make your business better, stronger and fit for survival in the tough times ahead.

Survival Index

Small Business Survival Index 2010 released. The 15th annual report provides “rankings of the states according to their public policy climates for small business and entrepreneurship.” A release from the council says the index measures “the costs and burdens of government on small business, and policy areas that enable their competitiveness and growth.” Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

The small business survival guide map. The interactive map gives an overview of the highlights of the “Small Business Survival Index 2010: Ranking the Policy Environment for Entrepreneurship Across the Nation” with this state by state analysis of the best and worst environments for small business survival in the U.S. If you’re looking for the best place to start a business, start here. Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

Government Contracting

Landing small business contracts shouldn’t be a mystery.Government contracting can be a boon for small businesses if the product and price are right. And landing one need not be limited to larger or better connected businesses if you know what’s involved in getting one. Want to learn more? Than study this post by Small Business Trends executive editor Anita Campbell and learn how government contracting can work for you. Open Forum Innovation


Why your company really needs budgeting. If you think the budget your business currently works to maintain is pretty much just to see how much you made this year and how much you owe in taxes, you are definitely missing the boat as far as what a proper small business budget can do for you. Small business budgeting is about survival but it is also about growth. Brad Jones has more. CFO Wise


Home business tax deductions. One of the best reasons to operate your business from home is low overhead. And one of the best ways to improve on low operating costs is to claim tax deductions where they apply for your home business. One of the places this is particularly true is in the area of tax deductions for your home office. Montreal Financial


A non-techie guide to leveraging technology. Not everyone can be up on all the latest gadgets, but being technology challenged doesn’t have to be a handicap when leveraging technology to grow your business. Don’t believe us? Then listen to the interview with Adrian Miller of Adrian Miller Sales on how this busy entrepreneur and non-techie uses technology to grow her business.


Dealing with the office superstar.You know the type. His or her performance is off the charts but he or she sport that “diva” attitude that’s demoralizing your team. Do you get rid of your office superstar and deal with a drop in performance or keep your dva and watch as the rest of your staff is adversely effected? Here’s one perspective on the dilemma. Abonar’s Blog


The perfect personal brand. Creating a personal brand can be an important part of distinguishing your business and thus an important part of business survival in an environment that is increasingly competitive. Here are 10 easy steps (pillars if you will) that will help build your personal brand no matter where or on what media platform your plan to make things happen. SocialMouths


It’s time to get started.You’ve done a lot of reading gotten a lot of education about that company you want to build. That’s great but realize there’s a limit to the amount of preparation you can do for any endeavor. You may not be sure exactly how you want to build your business yet. You may have uncertainties. But realize there will always be a time to stop thinking and start doing. Here’s how. Solo Biz Coach


It’s the business secret they don’t want you to know.They being marketing consultants who charge you a fee for that all important marketing information upon your start up or existing company relies. Sure, that information is legit and the marketing consultant has, in most cases, worked hard for their money. Yet, it turns out there are some tips to collecting marketing information without the experts. Startup Professionals Musings

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