November 28, 2015

Small Business News: The Entrepreneur in Review


No matter who you are or what you do, small business owners and entrepreneurs are the same in our book. Some may grow their ventures from small businesses to large ones. Some may seek venture or angel funding while others bootstrap or rely on the funds of family and friends. Some may stay small lean and mean or “mom and pop” operations forever. All are part of the risk taking, innovative bunch who really keep the economy pumping day to day. Sometimes we like to step back. To really have a look at the entrepreneur in his/her environment. What makes you tick and what forces are impacting you today. Have we missed any important trends below? Please leave us a comment.


Multitasking a myth? Though it may be one of the holy grails of modern professionalism a recent study suggests trying to do two things or even more at once is just plain crazy. Can you get more than one thing done in a day? Sure, but you may have to take them one at a time. A note to you entrepreneurs out there who love to try and multitask. You’ll get more done if you approach projects one by one. Smart About Things


Great tax tips for the small business entrepreneur. The end of the year is coming and with it the end of your current fiscal year. You’ll have a few months to get your papers in order, of course, at least here in the U.S. But the decisions you make between now and December 31 will pretty much determine how those taxes must be prepared. Here are 23 simple tips that will have your business ending the year on the best possible note. Simplicity Mastered

The difference between a tax credit and a tax deduction. And speaking of the end of the tax year and your small business, here is a post that looks at the differences between two kinds of tax ideas, the deduction and the credit. Understanding the differences between these and their proper uses can be an important part of an entrepreneur’s or self-employed person’s financial education. Personal Dividends


How being tapped out can affect your business. Be aware that, when the strain is getting to you, it can hurt your small business too. Don’t make the mistake of believing the two aren’t connected. Follow business coach Ellen St. George Godfrey as she leads you through the impact stress can have on you and your business…and some solutions to get both of you back on track again. Ability Success Growth

Customer Service

How customer service can make your business memorable. Isn’t it interesting how great customer service can create memorable branding as well? The companies mentioned in this post are amongst the most recognizable worldwide including Amazon and Starbucks. But how much of this is marketing and how much of this is just treating the customer right? What can your small business learn as a result. Free From Broke


Online marketing of the future. A substantial amount of marketing for many small businesses now and in the future will increasingly be online. To this end, knowing the direction that online marketing is headed, particularly Search Engine Optimization, is an important part of most any entrepreneur’s eduction. Here is a look at the changing landscape. Creative Development

Online Video

Can online video generate sales? Massive ones, thank you. In fact,one example of an education video (created for free) to educate viewers about the importance of investing in silver worked so well, the company that launched the campaign eventually ran out of stock. Online video marketing need not be expensive but can be hugely effective. Are you using online video today? Catalyst Marketers


In mobile as in social media, don’t push your brand. Mobile, like social media, is about creating a presence and establishing value. But if it gets to be too much about just plastering your brand on yet another medium (as with TV, billboards, radio etc.) it’s just not likely to work out that well, experts say. So what is the best way to use mobile marketing to benefit your brand? The Lunch Pail


Creating a ruthless marketing strategy. No, it’s never about being ruthless in the way you market to prospects or the way you treat your customers. Creating a ruthless marketing strategy means being ruthless in cutting out marketing activities that don’t achieve your central marketing goals. Why make the cuts? Because these activities may take time and resources away from activities that are much more effective in reaching your marketing goals. M4B Marketing

Think marketing isn’t an important part of your business mix? The best marketing is still a great product or service and great customer service as we’ve said before. But it turns out that’s still marketing and, as an entrepreneur, you had better be ready and able to do it. Spreading the word about your great product or service is a huge part of what successful businesses do. What plans do you have for sharing your awesomeness with the world?

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  1. Thanks for a great year end summary. I love these lists – so many great resources to read over the holidays.
    May I add my own? A book about entrepreneur behaviors. Many businesses fail because of the behavior of the founder entrepreneur.

    How to avoid the mistakes I made and learn from startup companies that recovered from bad situations forced by the actions of the entrepreneur – on site link above.

  2. Thanks for the link! Have a nice day!

  3. If a business wants to take off these days (any day really) they need to provide value to the customer. Those with great customer service add value to the products they sell and help build a culture for their customers.

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