November 25, 2015

Small Business News: Your Virtual Business


Are you running a virtual business? Thinking about starting one? The good news: you don’t need an office, a staff or a full wardrobe of business casual. (You may not even need business cards depending upon how you plan to market your business.) You do need to learn a whole new language, however, the language of the Web. The virtual business offers many opportunities but also many challenges. Here are some first steps for getting things right. 


A guide to your virtual business. An increasing number of small businesses are now online and so operating the virtual company is becoming more the norm than a special situation. Here’s a guide in ten simple steps for operating the newest generation of ventures, the virtual small business. Click Newz

Tips for your small business blog. An important part of the virtual business certainly can be your small business blog and Jason Kienbaum has these tips for adding spice and life to your blog…and your virtual business by extension. Follow Jason’s tips and take your blog and your online business to the next level today. Business Done Now


Unconverntional businesses require unconventional teams. If you’re starting a business, especially one that is totally or partially virtual, don’t assume the management structure that has worked for other companies will work for you. Take Braintree CEO Bryon Johnson’s experience creating a business without management. Would it work for you? Beyond the Pedway

Know your top traffic referral sites. Some advice about online marketing from a guy who ISN’T a virtual business owner, strictly speaking, this post looks at the importance of tracking sites that send the most traffic to your business site. Knowing what sites refer the most traffic to your site is crucial for any online business. Knowing what audience to cater to is critical in succeeding with an online business.


Starting a virtual conversation. Most online business starts with conversations whether these be comments on Twitter, Facebook etc. or posts on your blog and comments on someone else’s. But how you have these conversations and will make considerable difference in your business. Here are some thoughts to get you started. Start To Blog


How to get outsourcing right…and stay legal. One important aspect of maintaining a largely virtual business can be the outsourcing of many functions, particularly those not directly connected to your core business. These can include hiring virtual assistants, marketing consultant etc. As with everything about your business, be sure you are following the legal requirements especially when hiring freelancers or other contractors.


New startup seeks to create online leads for teachers. Have an expertise of almost any kind you would like to share. Perhaps you already offer courses and training in a limited area but would like to connect with more students. The CEO of TeachStreet gives a presentation of a platform that may soon create an ecosystem for teachers, experts and education-based businesses. Egoist

Social Media

Measuring social media success. In almost any ponline business today, social media is a necessity, especially when used for marketing and networking. So how do you determine whether you’re getting your money’s worth? Measuring success in social media can be an elusive proposition. These 50 ideas for measuring social media effectiveness may be the best way to start. B2C Marketing Insider

More apps on the way. Social media marketing and networking is all about the apps these days. But what’s coming next, what trends are important to watch and what will the app landscape look like in 2011. More than mere trivia, this is about how you can effectively use the latest apps and social media features to reach your customers and stay ahead of the competition in the coming year. TheNextWeb

Web Design

How to create a Website mockup. Probably the most difficult aspect of launching a virtual business will be your Website. Designing it or getting what you need from an existing platform, say a blog or social media site, can be challenging. By using these cool mock-up tools, you’ll be setting up the feel of the Website even if it needs to be designed by someone else. spyrestudios

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  1. It’s very important to remember that businesses online must have measurable goals for the enterprises sucess and its rise.

  2. The legal section can’t be stressed enough. With the change in federal law concerning health care the $600 thresh hold on reporting payments to outside suppliers is a huge task and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We outsource 90% of our mundane tasks will have to file many 1099’s.

    Stay informed and up to date. If you can’t do it hire a professional that can.

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