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50 Must-Have Small Business iPhone and iPad Apps

Posted By Shara Karasic On February 20, 2011 @ 12:46 pm In Product Lists | 43 Comments

Editor’s Note: Last year one of our most popular articles of the year was written by Shara Karasic, who pointed out 10 small-business apps for the iPhone.  The response was so enthusiastic, that we invited Shara back for an even bigger and better roundup of apps for entrepreneurs and small-business execs this year.  And who better than Shara to contribute this article — she lives, breathes, sleeps and eats apps in her role with Appolicious, a community review site for mobile apps.  Here in 2011 we are delighted to bring you Shara’s much bigger list of iPhone and iPad apps, organized by type of activity.

iPadSince I listed 10 great small business apps in 2010 [1], the use of iPhones and iPads for SMB’s has exploded in areas from business travel to communication to productivity. The office has become truly mobile. Here are must-have apps for those running and operating businesses in 2011:

1. Travel for Business Like a True Road Warrior

Prepare for your trip and navigate like a true road warrior using your iPhone! Kayak PRO [2] lets you find a flight or a hotel; TripIt – Travel Organizer [3] keeps your travel itinerary always handy in your pocket,; FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker [4] gives you real-time flight updates and helps you find alternate flights (and works seamlessly with TripIt); GateGuru [5] will guide you to the nearest ATM, post office, or luggage store in the airport. Once you arrive, Taxi! [6] makes it easy to find a cab 24/7 anywhere in the U.S. Don’t forget your Kindle [7] app so you can read on the plane or in the taxi.

2. Business Communications that Join Virtual Teams

Make free phone calls with Viber [8], Truphone [9], or Skype [10], which has entered 2011 with the ability to make video calls over both Wi-Fi and 3G. Stay connected to your team with Free Conference Call [11], which lets you hold conferences and even offers free recording. Or try Callvine [12], with one-click group calls, or Calliflower [13], which displays a dashboard of conference participants. Send group text messages for free with Beluga [14]. Join online meetings via your iPhone with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center [15]. If you have an iPad, you can attend online meetings with WebEx for iPad [16] or GoToMeeting [17].

3. Payment Processing Wherever Your Customers Are

Whether you are selling at a swap meet, garage sale, or art gallery, accept credit card payments right from your iPhone with Square [18] or  Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal [19].

4. Expenses Tracked on the Go

Scan your receipts on the go to make generating expense reports a snap with Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader [20].  Or use Expensify [21], which imports your credit card’s purchase history and automatically creates expense reports which it emails from your iPhone.

5. Business Networking for Super Connectors

Be prepared to work a room and cultivate new contacts. Use LinkedIn [22] to check out new connections, card reader app WorldCard Mobile [23] to scan business cards and CardManager [24] to manage them. Or just use Bump [25] to exchange contact info. Gist [26] creates rich business profiles of people you meet, and Calvetica Calendar [27] lets you easily schedule events with them.  Once you have new contacts in your iPhone, use Dialvetica [28] to access them quickly.

6. Document Access & Management Across Platforms

View and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint docs wherever you are with Documents To Go – Office Suite [29] or QuickOffice Connect [30]. Share files across computers and mobile devices with Dropbox [31]. Access your desktop remotely with Wyse PocketCloud Pro – RDP / VNC / View (Remote Desktop) [32] or Mocha VNC [33]. Scan with Genius Scan [34] and print documents from your iPhone or iPad with PrinterShare [35].

7. Business Presentations that Get Your Message Across

Roambi – Visualizer [36] lets you  turn your numbers into beautiful charts and graphs and is compatible with Excel and Salesforce data. An iPad with Keynote [37] will have you presentation-ready at any meeting.

8. Invoicing & Time Tracking on the Go

MiniBooks for FreshBooks [38] lets you send invoices, time your work, and record payments on the go. Or track your time with iPunchclock [39].

9. Mobile CRM to Amp Your Sales Prospects

Salesforce Mobile [40] gives you access to your Salesforce info from your iPhone.   Kinito Lite [41] lets you quickly access your SugarCRM records.

10. Business Productivity 24/7

Manage tasks with OmniFocus [42], dictate with Dragon Dictation [43], and jot down or record notes on the fly with Evernote [44],

11. Manage Finances and Payroll Wherever You Are

Track and budget your money with Mint.com [45] and PageOnce Pro [46]. Or use SurePayroll [47] or RUN Powered by ADP Mobile Payroll [48] to pay employees 24/7.

12. Customer Loyalty Programs to Increase Repeat Business

With PlacePop [49], you can create virtual loyalty cards to reward your best customers, and with WeReward [50], customers can earn points when they check-in to your business.

13. Source B2B Products

HKTDC Mobile [51] from the Hong Kong Trade Development Council provides mobile access to 120,000 suppliers around the world as well as a list of trade fairs.

Find more business apps at Appolicious using our new business & finance app directory [52]. Or browse user-submitted lists of the best business apps [53]. Have another business app that you find invaluable? Add it in the comments, and make sure to let the Appolicious community know about it.

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