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Starting a small business these days may be a dream to many, it is necessary to be as realistic as possible when approaching small business realities. Here are a collection of posts meant to wake you up and get you to smell the coffee. Small business ownership can be very rewarding but it can be very challenging as well. For a look at the realities, read on…


Why there’s no such thing as a turn-key business. Though certainly start-up entrepreneurs should understand that plenty of work is involved in a business in its early stages, new franchise owners or those buying a business should be aware of the workload as well. Check out the photo of the proud couple included with this blog post and be careful to avoid an overly romantic view of entrepreneurship.The Franchise King

Why your business needs testimonials. However you decide to use word-of-mouth marketing whether formally in the form of testimonials on your Website or more informally in the form of clients referring their network to you, the fact is at some point your brand will need more than just you to sing its praises. Here’s how to get started.


Why management matters whether Warren Buffett thinks it does or not. With all due respect to the world’s most famous investor, there’s lots of work that goes into a great company before it becomes a huge success traded on the New York Stock Exchange. This elbow grease is often applied in the earliest stages of a start-up or small business and knowing how to best utilize meager resources is a big part of the process. It’s definitely a mistake to expect your small business to manage itself no matter what some big time investor says. Winning Workplaces

Why cash flow is still king and how you can improve it. Check out these 5 tips for jump-starting your small business’s cash flow system. Without a plan for managing cash flow, your business is doomed from the start. What is your plan for managing and BOOSTING cash flow for your small business. Open Forum


Why outsourcing may not always be the answer. It’s touted as a means of leveraging your businesses resources by what seems an endless stream of business coaches, but while outsourcing some functions may be the answer outsourcing others may be a complete disaster. Here’s how to figure out the difference and give yourself a more realistic outlook about outsourcing. Allied Worldwide

Why you might (or might not) need a full-time tax preparer. Hiring a full-time tax preparer, like hiring any other full-time professional in your business, is something that should be done only with the most careful consideration. Do not hire anyone for your business simply because someone suggested you need more people. Determine what you can do yourself, what you need help with and whether the costs and risks of bringing on another employee are worth the benefits.


How to manage uncertainty. If you think your career as a small business owner or entrepreneur will be smooth and predictable, that you can plan for a series of events and be reasonably sure they and your business will enfold pretty much as you have envisioned…well, think again. Fortunately, this philosophical post delivers the goods when it come to managing with certainty in an uncertain world, a skill we could all stand to brush up on. Corporate Coach Group

Why you may be putting too much pressure on yourself in business. Sure, as an entrepreneur you’ve got to work hard. But work too hard and you may soon discover that the only person who really cares is you. Be aware of pressure you put upon yourself that others, including customers, simply don’t care about. Look for ways you can cut back in areas that will not negatively affect your business but are only concerns to you. Improve your life and the life of your business by taking off the pressure. Kikscore


Why growth must always be your focus. The economy my have gone through some tough times, but the fact is that small businesses must focus on growth even in the toughest times. Certainly growth will mean different things to different entrepreneurs, but if change is inevitable in your niche or market than growth is always the best way to respond. The Orange County Register

Why your growing business should only hire entrepreneurs. Especially in the early stages of your small business, you need to hire a different breed of employee. An employee who will innovate and bring their own ideas to the project. What kind of employees are you bringing aboard for your small business? Startup Professionals Musings

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