November 30, 2015

Small Business News: Movements in Marketing


From changing policies to changing technologies, marketing is in a constant state of flux. And why shouldn’t it be? Marketing is the means by which small businesses of every kind build their brand and eventually boost their sales. Here is a basic idea of how the marketing world continues to evolve…and how the results could impact your business.


Legislating online marketing. The feds may be telling online business how to market specifically targeting online data gathering and so-called “behavioral advertising.” The Obama administration is urging Congress to make the change. Read up on more details and tell us whether you think this legislation could impact your small business. B to B

What would proposed online regulation of ads look like? Here’s a look at the federal regs being floated by the Federal Commission and apparently pushed by the White House. The FTC calls for a “do not follow” option that would allow online visitors to opt out of any behavioral advertising. One specific suggestion would be “a universal opt-out feature, similar to a pop-up blocker, be made part of all Internet browsers.” B to B


Is your data real time? While governments and consumer groups seem bent on preventing collection of too much customer data, having the right data can also be critical to marketing your brand. One of the biggest problems with online marketing currently is that tools like Google Analytics continue to deliver this information after the fact. But what if you know more about visits to your site while they were happening? Duct Tape Marketing

How can your business benefit from data mining? The fact is that many entities, including the U.S. government are engaged in online data mining, so what is sifting through the immense amount of data online going to accomplish for your small business? How can data right now out there on the Internet right now help you market to your customers better, smarter, faster. Dashboard Insight


Could locations be the new keywords? Search on the Internet may be changing again with profound impact on your business. In this post, explore the world of Google Places and answer the question that should on every small business owner’s mind. (If you market online that is.) That question: could Google places be the next SEO marketing tool? Abnormal Marketing


Does your customer really understand? It may sound like an obvious question, but the fact is that if your customer does not know enough but what you are offering him/her, it’s unlikely you will get a sale. But here’s where it gets interesting. How exactly to you create an effective advertisement that will make a connection with potential customers? Small Business Advertising Strategies


Why online marketing tools are the means, not the end. Are you way too excited over Facebook and Twitter yet not paying enough attention to other aspects of your business? Hey, how are your products or services? Are customers pleased? Do they go away happy and return again and again telling others about the wonderful work you do. It’s need to see a marketing blog ask serious questions about the limits of marketing. In the end, it’s what you’re marketing that counts. M4B Marketing


Would you invest in you? Another way to ask this question might be, would you buy from you? Either way, an important part of marketing may just mean getting an impartial perspective on how your business and brand look from the outside. Want to change others’ perceptions of your brand? Start by seeing your company product or service as others do. Bloomberg Businessweek


Marketing a startup business to investors and customers. When trying to sell an idea to investors and customers, your marketing approach must be somewhat different. But remember, having a great idea that solves a problem is the best way to start. Check out Recyclebank which started on the concept of rewarding people for doing the right thing. Betting Big on Recycling


Whatever you do, do something different. In this post, we look at Kraft singles and why no normal middle of the road product can be beaten on its own turf. What an important lesson about marketing for entrepreneurs! Because, of course, the product is part of the marketing too. If you want to win, be something different, because the normal spot is taken. Seth Godin

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