November 27, 2015

Small Business News: Online Video For Your Business


Are you using online video for your small business? You may soon find yourself far behind the pack if you aren’t. Video may not only give your business advantages when it comes to the search engines but increasingly video is attracting huge audiences online, audiences that could be looking at your video as well. And as online content goes, people love to share it, giving messages in video format an even greater potential of going viral. Want to learn more about online video and what it can do for your business? Then read on…

Viral News

Ideas worth spreading in video form. A well-known non-profit focusing on spreading great ideas has decided to hold a contest selecting the videos that do it best. Winners were to be announced tonight at TED’s annual conference in Long Beach, Cal. Stay tuned for more about the winners and a look at their creations. Can you think about how video could spread your small business brand and message more effectively?

Videos on which to model your viral message. And the results are in! Here’s the post about the winners of TED’s “Ads Worth Spreading” contest announced at the organization’s annual conference in Long Beach this evening. There’s also a link to their work, so get inspired! What can your small business learn about crafting a video that spreads your message? Which of the videos had the greatest impact on you? TED Blog

Getting Started

Why your business needs video. Chris Hamilton claims he started putting video on his sales blog because it was faster and easier than organizing a written post. Then he got a hold of some statistics. If you want some data showing why you need to be using online video as a tool for your business, Chris’s latest production is guaranteed to energize you. Are you excited about the possibilities of video yet? A Sales Tip A Day

YouTube for PR and marketing. Turns out the world’s biggest video sharing community has a lot more to offer than cute kitten clips and three minute snippets from your favorite music group or TV program. In fact, YouTube is also a great tool for your small business, one that can boost your visibility for free with a HUGE potential audience. Learn more about how to use YouTube and other video sharing sites as a key tool to get your message across today. Small Business Marketing Tools

Ten tips to boost your video marketing campaign. OK, you know online video is important for your small business. Now, how can you get started creating a video marketing campaign that will spread your marketing message and bring in customers by the droves? As it turns out, it may not be as hard as you think. Here’s how to get started as a first rate video marketer today. Best Video Marketing Ideas


Legal issues when using online video. Use of online video as a marketing tool brings up many legal issues, not least of them copyright infringement. But plenty of other issues also exist when launching a video marketing campaign. Ignorance of these issues can lead to litigation, stiff penalties and, of course, loss of your business as a result. So knowing the issues ahead of time can be critically important. Search Engine Land

Is your online video legal? So you’ve created that latest video interview or other footage you are sure will be the next online viral rage. But how do you know you are steering clear of copyright issues by even putting it on the Web? Fact is, many people who use video today may be largely unaware of the implications of its use. To protect yourself, check out this post (with video interview) on the basic dos and don’ts. ReelSeo


What to look for when measuring results. Counting the number of people who watched at least part of your video on YouTube may not be the absolute best way to determine its success or failure in terms of generating sales. If you’re wondering how to sort out the impact of your online video marketing campaign, start by looking at some of the questions that can’t be answered by simply looking at how many people watch your video. You may be surprised at the results. Online Video Insider


Boston startup serves small business video niche. If you’d like to get your small business involved in online video marketing but find yourself a bit intimidated and in need of someone to do some of the heavy lifting, a Boston start-up called Pixability may be just the resource you need. Create your own raw footage and let Pixability create a video masterpiece from your work complete with editing, logo and music. Read the full story on what the company offers. Boston Globe

Success Stories

How some brands are already using online video for marketing success. This post looks at how the novelty is wearing off when it comes to online video and its marketing value and how some big brands have already clearly gotten the message. Have a look at how recognizable brands are seeing big successes in the online video marketing realm. What can your business do to get involved? B2C Marketing Insider

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  1. This is interesting… Online video is a great way for small and local businesses to get great results! There is not a ton of legal problems using online video… at lest if you use video sharing sites, and create your own content.

    Travis Chapman
    Owner @ Chapman Media Marketing

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