March 29, 2015 Adds New Tools to Help Your Business Stay Productive

Enterprise cloud computing company Salesforce has recently updated its social productivity app with a new social contacts feature and tracker for ongoing deals, among other changes. The company hopes the new changes will help companies and individuals complete necessary tasks more seamlessly than ever before.

Do’s new deal management capability gives users the opportunity to set up a sales process and track the progress of their company’s current deals. They can assign tasks and reminders to the deals to better manage what tasks need to be accomplished to make each deal successful. task assignment feature

Do is also adding social integrations with Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Salesforce. Its new contacts feature lets users import their contacts from sites like Google or Facebook, and then send messages to them and collaborate with them within the app. And when contacts from these sites update their information, it is automatically updated within the Do app as well.

Launched last year, Do is an HTML5-based app that offers various productivity tools for small and medium sized businesses. Users can create tasks and prioritize them, make assignments for other team members, take notes, and track progress. All of the tasks a company adds to Do are updated in real time, so business owners can stay on top of their company’s to-do list and know what projects are showing progress.

Currently, the app is free for all users, but once the new features move out of the beta stage, users will be able to use parts of the app for free, but pay for premium features like deal management. Do, especially with the addition of these new features, aims to improve productivity and organization all while helping to create a sense of community within a team or company.

Do is currently available as a web or iPhone app, and has a beta version of an Android app in the works.

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  1. THis is an amazing idea!

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