April 1, 2015

Igloo Software: Cloud Collaboration That Scales With Businesses

It’s no secret that cloud computing and mobile technology have changed the way modern workplaces operate. But with so many cloud-based collaboration tools available, businesses can have a hard time choosing the solution that works best for their company’s needs, current size, and growth potential.

Igloo Software is a cloud-based collaboration tool that prides itself on adapting and scaling with businesses as they grow and change needs. The company also has a number of improvements changes and additions in the works, including stronger integration options with email providers, social task management, and secure instant messaging.

The company has already enacted a number of features that could be helpful for small business users, including drag and drop sharing, document reviews and approvals, editorial workflows, permission settings, and more.

Andrew Dixon, Igloo’s Senior Vice President of mMarketing and Operations, says:

“For any small business owner, it is inevitable that operations are limited – so they need a versatile tool that will scale with them as their business grows. With Igloo being 100% cloud based, employees of a small business will have the advantage of being able to access work anytime, and anywhere.”

This isn’t a brand new concept. Both startups and large companies like Google have give businesses plenty of options to collaborate in the cloud. But Dixon said that Igloo’s platform is different because it caters specifically to business users and it can be customized to fit the needs of a particular team. He also said that this type of technology can completely change the way workplaces operate, and make accomplishing tasks and collaborating much easier for employees and business owners alike:

“The virtualization of work is redefining the concept of the office. We are no longer tethered to our desk, nor do we need to be in order to be productive. For many, work is no longer a place we go to, it’s just a thing we do. New forms of connection (i.e. mobile devices) and delivery (i.e. cloud computing) are enabling us to choose where we work and how we spend our day.”

Igloo was originally launched in 2004 by a think tank called the Centre for International Governance Innovation, under an initiative to bring great ideas together in one virtual location, in order to share research and ideas pertaining to global governance issues. The company spun out of CIGI in 2008 and has been growing at a rate of 85% per year since 2009.

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Annie Pilon - Staff Writer

Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a staff writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles and feature stories. She is a freelance writer specializing in marketing, social media, and creative topics. When she’s not writing for her various freelance projects or her personal blog Wattlebird, she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.

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  1. Sounds nice but where is their data center? I think another important question is do these guys make price sense versus owning the hardware instead of renting it? When is ammortization?

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