May 23, 2015

Disney Buys Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion


The brand once most associated with Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty will now be linked with wookies, droids, and other inhabitants of a galaxy far, far away. The pending purchase of Lucasfilm by The Disney Company for $4 billion was announced Tuesday, demonstrating something today’s business owners and entrepreneurs instinctively understand. Content and brand create the real value in your business, whether that content and brand are associated with a string of iconic hit films and legendary characters or a series of exciting blog posts and other online content.

A New Hope

May the mouse be with us. The purchase of Lucasfilm by The Disney Company is the latest in series of high profile purchases that have included legendary brands like Marvel and Pixar for equally impressive figures. The Lucasfilm acquisition, like the Marvel purchase before it, is about leveraging powerful entertainment products for future films and other products. Your business should look at how content and brand are creating value. The New York Times

Disney strikes back. The Lucasfilm purchase by The Disney Company is a strike to counter turbulent changes in the entertainment industry by using distinctive content and distributing it over an almost limitless number of channels. Disney Chief Executive Officer Robert Iger explains: “Technology has proved more friend than foe to great storytelling. It allows us to distribute in ways we never thought would have been imaginable.” Bloomberg Businessweek

Attack of the Clones

A long time ago in brand far away. Your brand is about making you different, not exactly like the other small businesses you compete against. If you ever thought brand was for that other guy’s business, well, take a look at the multi-billion dollar purchase of the Star Wars franchise above. Lucas’s company is the perfect example of how building a brand and creating a story have become one and the same. Elizabeth Joss takes us on a brief tour of how to get started with story telling that enhances your brand. Check it out! Xcellent Media

Don’t turn to the dark side. Still some businesses don’t understand how brands work, especially when it comes to communicating in a memorable way what that brand is and what it represents. Have you made mistakes with your brand logo? Creating a logo that doesn’t connect with customers will do your company very little good in the marketplace, and won’t build value in your brand. Tech blogger Reese Jones explains the most common mistakes. Hellbound Bloggers

Return of the Jedi

Become a content master. Creating content doesn’t require great training, but might require a good plan of action. Kelvin Cech, a Jedi master in the ways of content creation, will show you how to make strategy your ally. His 45 step approach will have you battling the “phantom menace” of boring Webpages, developing a better Web presence, and building a better brand in no time. Function Writing Group

Destroy the Death Star. The lack of time faced by many businesses when trying to create original content, looms like the Death Star in Lucas’s memorable movies and is destroyed in the end, not by a feat of overwhelming strength, but by the efforts of a small band of rebel pilots working together. Similarly, collaboration and content creation in which bloggers share each other’s content to create a more impressive whole is a great way to win out in the end. Content Strategy Hub

Face your fear. Facing fear is a recurrent theme in the Star Wars films and social media expert Rachel Parker says it can also be a problem when creating content for your company’s social media presence. It seems that many businesses suffer from such a fear of being lumped in with their competitors or placed in a box that they neglect to specify what they’re real specialty is. In other words, their content fails to tell their true story. Resonance


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  2. Wonderful roundup! I love the theme as well. I espeically enjoyed Kelvin’s piece on content creation. He’s an ingenues content creator and I highly recommend reading this peace and the preceding posts to his content creation series. Thanks for sharing this roundup with us!


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