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Social media management should be easy, right? You just write up a short status message and post it to your favorite social network. Oh, but wait, you have several favorites. I forgot. Me, too. MarketMeSuite is an affordable and efficient way to manage your social media business life for the business owner who is starting to feel like he or she has no life.

From the very first moment you sign up for MarketMeSuite, someone on the development team figured out how to reach out and hold your virtual hand.  As you can see below, the service asks you which accounts you want to link. You click one (or all) of those three major social network buttons and it walks you through the process of linking your social media profiles.

social media management

At its core, MarketMeSuite is a social inbox. Since most people are comfortable with an email inbox, the company built its user-friendly interface around that functionality. If you can bring your social media updates and details into one location, it will be a whole lot easier to manage. That’s what MarketMeSuite delivers.

What I really like:

  • I don’t just like, but love the idea that I can do a real-time search in Twitter or Facebook from this social inbox. It saves my search and just like when you open a folder in Outlook or Gmail — there are your social search results.
  • You can capture RSS feeds, schedule messages to different platforms, even an automatic DM on Twitter (although you cannot set the time to send). You can even mark someone as a lead, as you see below.
  • Hotkeys legend. I am a big keyboard shortcut guy and it always takes a while to figure out how each program works from the keyboard. The team created a simple, visual legend that was easy to find in the settings area. media management

What I would like to see:

  • Some of the tutorial videos need verbal narrative and they need to be larger because you can’t always read or follow what’s going on. But that doesn’t impact the functionality. It’s just a suggested improvement for those users who are trying to figure out what to do next.

MarketMeSuite is a social media inbox that can save you time. More so, it has some extra features that make sharing a snap. One more that I appreciate is something you cannot even do in Twitter — retweet a direct message with one click. The team spent a lot of time thinking about the life of a small business owner and sought to create order from what can sometimes be chaos.

If you want to manage Twitter, Facebook (including pages), and LinkedIn from one location, MarketMeSuite is worth a look. They offer free and premium plans, which start at $9/month.


TJ McCue - Product Editor

TJ McCue TJ McCue is the Product Editor for Small Business Trends and an entrepreneur who publishes Tech Biz Talk. TJ is a former Wall Street Journal columnist. He also writes for Forbes and American Express OPEN Forum. He loves learning about technology apps and software services - share yours with TJ.

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  1. This is a neat tool. I’m sure that this will be extremely useful. Thanks for sharing.


  2. TJ thanks for the great review of MarketMeSuite! We really appreciate it! You are totally right about the videos, and we are on it! Over the next few weeks we will be releasing our new “wizards” that will help our users through the app easier and faster than before — I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s in to have a look :)

    ~Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite

  3. Thanks for the quick review. I think this app has a promising target market among social media professionals. I could see myself using this tool along side (or in the place of) my email client. I’ll keep a close watch on them. ;-)

  4. I love marketmesuite but hopes they bring back those little red notifications :)

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