March 31, 2015

Twitter Updates App for Blackberry 10

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Blackberry users, it’s time to update your Twitter app. The microblogging platform recently announced a new version of the app for Blackberry 10.

You can download the latest edition, called 10.2, at the Blackberry app store. In an announcement on the official Twitter blog, Robin Tilotta of the Partner and Mobile Marketing Team wrote:

The BlackBerry community has spoken, and we’ve listened: Today we’re releasing a feature-rich update for BlackBerry 10 that helps you connect more seamlessly to the people and topics you care about. And since BlackBerry users asked, we’ve focused especially on functionality in this release.

A Natural for Business

One of the most important features for business is probably support available for managing up to five different Twitter accounts. The Twitter team says the feature makes it easy to sign in and out of multiple accounts, helpful if you manage and update for yourself and several business feeds.

The app update also enhances communications with partners and other connections. With the app’s Direct Messaging function, you can view, reply and compose direct messages through the BlackBerry Hub.

Other features include:

  • A new discover page delivering tweet streams, suggested accounts to follow, and updates on who your followers are following and what tweets they are favoriting,
  • A new photo feature that lets you save photos shared on Twitter directly to your Blackberry.
  • An updated search function including not only username and hashtag suggestions, but also the ability to view recent and saved searches.
  • A new wider timeline making it easier to see past tweets and taking you directly to the top of your tweet stream when you log in.

Image: Blackberry

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Joshua Sophy - Staff Writer

Joshua Sophy Joshua Sophy is a staff writer for Small Business Trends, covering technology and business news. He is a journalist and editor with 15 years experience in media. A former newspaper reporter and editor, Joshua also serves as President of the Board of Directors of a curling club and is editor of a regional newsletter focused on the sport of curling in the Eastern U.S.

4 Reactions

  1. Ummm.. That upgrade is over a month old.

  2. Joshua,

    Well, that’s a nice productivity enhancement, especially for someone with some Twitter accounts like me.

  3. It seems like the Blackberry is catching up with all the other smartphones out there. It’s time for them to have a Twitter app. And yes, try to add Instagram to the bunch as well. It can help.

  4. This Twitter app is not available for BlackBerry 10 which must mean the BlackBerry 7 Twitter app was updated…

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