Dell To Announce Windows Tablet Oct. 2

windows 8.1

[Windows 8.1 Preview]

A new Dell tablet option is set to be announced in less than a month, and if your business is already built on a Windows environment, it may be worth a look.

Dell has indicated it will formally announce a new 8-inch Windows 8.1 device Oct. 2. The device was apparently shown to members of the media at an event in San Francisco earlier this week and photos of the tablet have been bouncing around the Web but few concrete details.

The new Dell tablet will be a resurrection of Dell’s discontinued Venue series and will incorporate the Bay Trail processor recently unveiled by Intel.

Intel has said the processor should make it possible to produce a tablet for only $199, the Verge reported recently.

Windows 8.1 Devices Already Appearing

Microsoft recently released its Windows 8.1 upgrade to hardware developers, and the new Dell tablet device seems to be one of the earliest examples of the devices we may see.

The device’s 8-inch display features a 1080p resolution and the company is apparently aiming it at both business users and consumers.

Microsoft 8.1 incorporates capacity for greater mobility with multiple devices connected through its SkyDrive cloud storage system. But it also focuses on security with claims of safe single click access to virtual private networks and greater access to company information by mobile devices while also increasing the security of that information.

Additional availability of mobile devices like the Venue able to operate seamlessly in a mobile environment is good news for small business owners who may not wish to integrate a different operating system for mobile.

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  1. Oooh another product that’s worth looking into. I have always liked Dell for their monitors and if you’ll combine it with Windows 8.1, that would just make it more awesome. But of course, my imagination can only reach so far. I have to get my hands on it first so I can try it out.

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