Microsoft Wants HTC to Run Windows

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Small businesses running Windows on their office computers can sometimes have limited options when it comes to mobile devices also running Windows.

Android and Apple operating systems dominate the smartphone and tablet field with some exceptions. Microsoft’s Surface RT and Surface Pro offer Windows in tablet form as do the newer Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

Microsoft’s recently announced plans to acquire Windows phone maker Nokia demonstrates another likely attempt to get more and better Windows mobile devices on the market.

Microsoft and HTC: In Talks

Now Microsoft is in talks with smartphone maker HTC in an effort to get Widows added to the company’s Android phones including the flagship HTC One, Bloomberg reports. See a full review of the phone below:

The HTC One has already received praise for its high quality functionality, design, screen resolution and camera.

Microsoft has apparently asked the Taiwan-based smartphone company to load Windows Phone as a second option on its Android devices.

It’s not clear whether the two operating systems would run side by side or whether a user would just pick one or the other as a default, Bloomberg reported.

Microsoft’s mobile operating system still trails Android and Apple significantly in the smartphone market. So questions remain about whether demand exists for more Windows phones.

Would you choose a Windows smartphone for your business if more selection was available?

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Shawn Hessinger - Editor

Shawn Hessinger Shawn Hessinger is the Editor for Small Business Trends. He is a journalist and social media networker with more than a decade of experience in the traditional newspaper business before moving to the digital world. He was the former community manager of BizSugar and the former community editor at AllAnalytics, a site dedicated to professionals in the business intelligence and analytics community.

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  1. Interesting move by Microsoft, Shawn. Given HTCs own precarious position with declining sales, however, it’s curious that Microsoft wouldn’t choose a stronger potential partner.

    • Agreed. I think that HTC’s hold on the market is getting weaker. Unless it narrowed down its market so that it can get a significant following, I don’t think the presence of Windows in a phone is enough to convert some people into buying HTC phones.

  2. My second sister used to own an HTC while lecturing in China and it was just as good as the rest of the more dominant smart phones like Samsung and iPhone. This collaboration between Microsoft and HTC might be good for business.

  3. Shawn,

    Sorry to say, but I tend to stay away from Windows-powered smartphones, for one reason: The availability of apps in the app market.

  4. An HTC Windows phone? It’s a good idea, but I’m not sure if HTC will go for it as they are already at the upper echelons on the game.

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