March 4, 2015

Check In to a Nap Pod For a Rest on Your Next Business Trip

nap pods

If you do a lot of traveling for business, you may have already seen them. They’re little enclosures, sometimes called nap pods, where travelers can crash for an hour or more to unwind.

Nap pods have evolved as both a business solution and a business model. They provide a brief nap for travelers who have neither the time nor the budget for a hotel room and who don’t want to sleep on the plane.

For example, rooms by Sleepbox at Sheremetyevo International Airport near Moscow are designed for those who are traveling with associates or friends. Rooms offer three bunk beds, a table, reading lamp, TV and alarm clock.

Meanwhile, Yotel in London’s Heathrow Airport is a bit higher end. This nap pod offers a single or double bed, your own entertainment system, a bathroom in your suite and a “rainfall” shower. You can stay there for as little as four hours or for the entire night. Take a look at this brief video tour:

A nap pod in London may go for just $39 per four hour stretch and $93 for the entire night. But there are places where the accommodations are a bit steeper, even if some of the features seem totally worth it:

Snoozecube operates small, soundproof rooms at Dubai International Airport where travelers can power down and rest up. Starting at just $16 an hour, travelers have access to a twin bed, a touch screen TV, and Wi-Fi – as well as a nature-inspired mural to brighten up each pod.

Nap pod costs and accommodations vary considerably depending upon your destination and the airports you pass through. Take the brief tour of airport nap pods around the world with Condé Nast Traveler.


Shawn Hessinger - Editor

Shawn Hessinger Shawn Hessinger is the Editor for Small Business Trends. He is a journalist and social media networker with more than a decade of experience in the traditional newspaper business before moving to the digital world. He was the former community manager of BizSugar and the former community editor at AllAnalytics, a site dedicated to professionals in the business intelligence and analytics community.

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  1. Neat idea. This will really sell because they really understand the needs of their target market. Business travel is not easy. Sometimes, you need that extra sleep. A nap pod is a great solution.

  2. Airport nap pods around the world are the solution for the tired and busy businessman on the go all the time with different time zones to consider.

    • I wonder where else nap pods could work. Airports are a really good place to put them, but where else could it possibly work? I wonder if it would in the heart of a really busy city?

  3. I take naps regularly and I’d pay $39 for 4 hours. That nap would be easily worth it on a long layover

  4. Oooh, cooool idea. I like. Looks really nice inside. Self contained. The price isn’t bad for 4 hours. For the entire night though, I think I’d much rather stay in a standard hotel. I don’t think I could stay in a pod all night without feeling somewhat claustrophobic after a while.

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