September 21, 2014

Craig Sutton

Craig Sutton Craig Sutton is the owner of Sutton Brand Management. Using his background in tech, including 5 years managing the servers and networking team for a major regional Internet provider and also owner of an IT and Web software development firm, he harnesses the power of digital and traditional marketing to help small to medium sized businesses excel.

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  1. Speed is so important these days.

    As more and more of us get used to having things almost immediately, our patience level decreases.

    A fast connection solves a lot of potential problems, for sure.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    The Franchise King®

  2. Fast internet is a must, especially when you have live presentations via the internet. Fiber optics is an extremely fast connection and is a must for all business to business companies. Another good way to ensure speed is to make the sites we develop mobile friendly and or fast loading. Small size websites are a must these days as so many users are on mobile.

  3. Gosh, that must be so embarrassing for any business that finds itself in that scenario where the connection’s slow or drops in the midst of a meeting with a client. I can definitely see how that could make or break a deal. It’s not a risk worth taking to have a connection that’s sluggish or less than reliable.

  4. Haha that’s true. It only takes a slow Internet for a client to know that you don’t care enough about your business. You have to try to get fast Internet. After all, it does not really feel good to work when the net is running slow.

    • I guess sometimes it can’t be helped. A business might be that unlucky to have a mostly reliable and fast connection go slow or drop on them out of the blue from time to time. But if its smooth running is of the utmost importance, they’ll try as much as possible to ensure it doesn’t happen by choosing or changing to a company that can and does deliver that.

    • I think time means money to some businesses and having a slow internet won’t help much in anything.

  5. Fast internet connection is need of the hour for all kind of businesses. It is true that time is money that is why, one shouldn’t lag behind due to slow net connection. Also there are many affordable plans available to own internet connection & to break good business deal on time, also winning heart of the customers through fast & efficient service.

  6. Craig: What’s the aversge speed at workplaces at the moment? I remember the days of 1200, 2400, 3600, 9600 baud modems! ;)

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