February 9, 2016

Video Ad Service TubeMogul Hopes to Raise $93.4 Million with IPO

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With news that video will account for 79 percent of online traffic by 2018, it’s clear the format is heating up.

The question is how businesses and marketers can effectively target this huge audience in the coming years. And one solution is online video advertising.

TubeMogul is among the platforms allowing businesses to buy video ad space in multiple formats globally.

The company announced plans to go public this week hoping to raise $93.4 million with an initial public offering, according to papers filed with the Security Exchange Commission.

TubeMogul is a tool businesses of any size can use to create video campaigns across a variety of online platforms to play over a variety of devices.

Features include the ability to set up a campaign using several different parameters including audience type and geographical location. Here’s a brief introduction of what the service does:

The company’s website further explains:

“At the core of TubeMogul’s technology stack is our powerful and intuitive platform. The products, tools and features within the platform make programmatic video planning, buying and measurement a reality for brands and agencies of any size. The platform can be accessed from any Web browser and supports multi-user login, enabling brands and their agencies to standardize their global video strategy and execution on TubeMogul.”

The company offers a self-serve dashboard that it claims to allow you to set up a campaign in only a few minutes. But given the choices available, the process may take a bit longer than that.

For example, advertisers can choose the format to be used to display a video ad, including pre-roll (running before another video), mobile, social, display or other options. You can then identify where you wish ads to display including the sites and the geographic locations down to country and in some cases the city. You can also select the type of audience you want viewing the ad from a set of demographic parameters.

Finally, TubeMogul lets you set a budget for your campaign, much like Google Adsense. It gives you an estimate of the response you can expect in traffic referral on each campaign before it runs.

If you have a product or service that could benefit from video ads, you’ll find options are increasing in this area. Costs seem to be reaching the point of affordability for even the most modest budget.

Image: TubeMogul

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  1. Which exchange will they be on?

    And I can’t believe how many IPOs I’ve been seeing lately. Not sure if it’s a bubble or part of the recovery.

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