Craig Sutton

Craig Sutton Craig Sutton is the owner of Sutton Brand Management. Using his background in tech, including 5 years managing the servers and networking team for a major regional Internet provider and also owner of an IT and Web software development firm, he harnesses the power of digital and traditional marketing to help small to medium sized businesses excel.

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  1. I can unfortunately relate to this, but as a freelancer. Until recently, I had an unreliable internet connection that got progressively worse. Because I work online, the dropped connections were not only costing me money, but potentially threatening my deadlines.

  2. Hi Craig,

    I’m in similar situation to Ebele. This week has been a nightmare for slow internet connections and it’s losing me money and adding extra time onto my work day.

    I’m in the process of looking for a new provider so this article will really help me out.



    • Naomi, sorry you’re experiencing problems too. Hope you get things sorted out soon.

      I literally had to move my computer into my bedroom to use the main socket there. That’s how I’m now able to use the internet. It’s dropped less times, but last week was not funny.

      Hope the transition to find a new provider is a smooth one, and that you’re back up and running in no time.

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