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Top 100 Small Business Podcasts: 2014 Edition

Posted By Martin Lindeskog On August 19, 2014 @ 1:00 pm In Product Lists | 63 Comments


As the years roll on, podcasts still continue to be popular. We’re excited to announce the 5th Annual Top 100 Small Business Podcasts 2014 Edition.

As many of you may already know, each year we choose 100 of the most informative small business podcasts we can find. While there are many great business podcasts out there, the ones listed below are the ones that we think small business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, startups and marketers will find particularly valuable.

Congratulations to all those listed here!

If you don’t see your favorites or you didn’t make the list this year, don’t despair. Simply leave a comment and tell us who you recommend. For those of you that have made the list, feel free to grab a badge for your site [1] to let your visitors know.

To get started, click the “Single Page” button below to begin viewing our Top 100 Small Business Podcast picks on a single page, or click the “View Slideshow” button to view it as a slideshow. Enjoy!

small business podcasts 2014

Total Picture Radio [2] — With Peter Clayton. This podcast focuses on talent acquisition, HR, leadership, and similar topics.

It features career empowerment interviews with best-selling authors, senior executives, leadership coaches and entrepreneurs.

Twitter: @TotalPicture [3]

small business podcasts 2014

HBR IdeaCast [4] — By Harvard Business Review. This weekly audio podcast gathers analysis and advice from the leading minds in management. Interviewees include professors, scientists, authors, and other leaders across the business community.

Twitter: @HarvardBiz [5]

small business podcasts 2014

Manager Tools Podcasts [6] — With Mauzenne and Co. The goal of this podcast is to give listeners information about new tools and easy techniques that can further their management and career objectives. The two weekly podcasts are free and intended for anyone in a management or leadership role.

Twitter: @ManagerTools [7]

small business podcasts 2014

The Engaging Brand [8] — With Anna Farmery. This is a podcast to motivate, inspire and engage people at work. It features tips for various business types. Topics range from SEO to leadership and everything in between.

Twitter: @EngagingBrand [9]

small business podcasts 2014

The Bottom Line [10] — With Evan Davis. This podcast uses a roundtable format where business leaders discuss a variety of issues that impact businesses and their customers.

Twitter: @EvanHD [11]

small business podcasts 2014

Breakthrough Business [12] — By Michele Price. This podcast features in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs and other business professionals who offer tips and insights about things like marketing, sales, and technology.

Twitter: @ProsperityGal [13]

small business podcasts 2014

Home Work [14] — With Aaron Mahnke and Dave Caolo. This is a weekly podcast for people who work from home, whether freelancers or telecommuters. The show offers advice about all aspects of working from home, including listener-submitted questions.

Twitter: @amahnke [15]

Twitter: @davidcaolo [16]

small business podcasts 2014

Marketing Over Coffee [17] — By John Wall and Christopher Phenn. This podcast stays on top of all that’s new in the world of business marketing. The hosts share new information and tips about topics like social media, new technology offerings, and other marketing tools. The show also features interviews with experts in the marketing field.

Twitter: @MktgOverCoffee [18]

small business podcasts 2014

Duct Tape Marketing [19] — By John Jantsch. Jantsch provides interviews with influential marketing professionals and those who demonstrate advanced marketing tactics. They discuss topics relevant to all types of businesses — everything from profit to leadership.

Twitter: @DuctTape [20]

small business podcasts 2014

Small Business Big Marketing Show [21] — With Luke Moulton and Timbo Reid. Hear how other small business owners from around the world go about their marketing. This Australian-based marketing podcast features practical tips, interviews, and answers to listener questions.

Twitter: @TheRealSBBM [22]

small business podcasts 2014

The Official BNI Podcast [23] — With Dr. Ivan Misner. This podcast is a weekly audio discussion with Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder and Chairman of BNI. The BNI Connect system intends to give local business owners a true global network. And the show discusses some of the features of the group and its membership.

Twitter: @IvanMisner [24]

small business podcasts 2014

Clarity Advantage’s Sales Thoughts [25] — With Nick Miller. This podcast discusses all aspects of the sales process. Listeners gain tips and techniques for prospecting, negotiating, coaching, and managing the sales process.

Twitter: @Clarity_Adv [26]

small business podcasts 2014

I Love Marketing [27] — With Dean Jackson and Joe Polish. This is a talk show about new marketing ideas. These may include things like referral marketing and email marketing. Each episode features different experts and tips focused on a specific marketing topic.

Twitter: @JoePolish [28]

small business podcasts 2014

Accelerate Your Business Growth [29] — With Diane Helbig.  Whatever it is that keeps small business owners up at night — this podcast discusses it. The two shows per month cover a variety of different topics and feature different guests from various parts of the business world.

Twitter: @dhelbig [30]

small business podcasts 2014

The Smallbiz Brain [31] — By David Wolf. This podcast features interviews with small business experts and leaders. Topics featured include everything from mobile technology for businesses to tax issues and employee management.

Twitter: @SmallBizAmerica [32]

small business podcasts 2014

Accounting Best Practices [33] — With Steve Bragg. As its name suggests, this podcast covers a broad range of accounting topics and other financial-related matters.

small business podcasts 2014

Marketplace [34] — With Kai Ryssdal. This podcast offers daily business and economics news updates. The Marketplace team also works on a few more specialized podcasts, including those focused on topics like technology.

Twitter: @kairyssdal [35]

small business podcasts 2014

The Clark Howard Show [36] — With Clark Howard. Consumer expert Clark Howard shares how buyers can save more, spend less, and avoid scams.

Twitter: @ClarkHoward [37]

small business podcasts 2014

DH Unplugged [38] — With John Dvorak and Andrew Horowitz. This podcast offers hard hitting commentaries on the financial market and the economy.

Twitter: @andrewhorowitz [39]

Twitter: @THErealDVORAK [40]

small business podcasts 2014

Back to Work [41] — With Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin. This podcast covers a number of topics relating to workplace culture. These topics include productivity, communication, barriers, constraints, useful business tools, and more.

Twitter: @hotdogsladies [42]

Twitter: @danbenjamin [43]

small business podcasts 2014

This Week in Startups [44] — With Jason Calacanis. This video podcast looks at entrepreneurs of startup companies. Each show features a different startup and discusses other news stories from the week that could impact web companies.

Twitter: @TWiStartups [45]

small business podcasts 2014

Work at Home Success [46] — With Leslie Truex. Leslie shares business tips, tools and resources for those who work from home. On each show, she interviews a different professional who offers insights into the working from home world.

Twitter: @ltruex [47]

small business podcasts 2014

Solo Smarts Solopreneur Podcast [48] — With Kelly McCausey. Kelly interviews solopreneurs on each show, and offers tips and updates related to running a solo business. The show places emphasis on Internet-based businesses.

Twitter: @kellymccausey [49]

small business podcasts 2014

I Should Be Writing [50] — With Mur Lafferty. Mur shares tips, insights and motivation for writers. Topics covered include publishing, freelancing, overcoming writer’s block, and more.

Twitter: @mightymur [51]

small business podcasts 2014

The Force Field [52] — With Rick Savoia. This podcast is a half hour production dedicated to the small, independent IT service provider. The show covers topics related to technology and running a technology-centered company.

Twitter: @theforcefield [53]

small business podcasts 2014

Entrepreneur’s Journey [54] — By Yaro Starak. Yaro provides specific help to those starting and running Internet businesses such as how to take payments online, sell e-books or launch a new product. He also features various business owners who have found success online. Twitter: @yarostarak [55]

small business podcasts 2014

The Hobson & Holtz Report [56] — With Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz. The twice-weekly show includes insights about online communication and public relations, and specifically how the two can connect.

Twitter: @shelholtz [57]

Twitter: @jangles [58]

small business podcasts 2014

Grit [59] — By Dan Benjamin. Formerly known as “Quit,” this is a call-in show helping people sort out their lives, reevaluate their options, get out of their crummy jobs, and start something awesome.

Twitter: @danbenjamin [43]

small business podcasts 2014

The Boagworld Show [60] — By Paul Boag. This is a podcast for those who develop and run websites. Each show shares advice about digital transformations and web strategies.

Twitter: @boagworld [61]

small business podcasts 2014

Internet Business Mastery [62] — With Jeremy “Sterling” Frandsen and Jason “Jay” Van Orden. This podcast is aimed at listeners who are trying to escape the 9-to-5 grind. The show offers tips about turning your life’s passion into an Internet business.

Twitter: @jeremyfrandsen [63]

Twitter: @jasonvo [64]

small business podcasts 2014

Spark [65] — With Nora Young. A weekly podcast of smart and unexpected trendwatching, Spark discusses the latest news surrounding technology and culture.

Twitter: @nora3000 [66]

small business podcasts 2014

Smart Companies Radio [67] — With Kelly Scanlon. This is a weekly radio show that tells the stories of successful small business owners. It also includes information about small business issues, advice and resources.

Twitter: @IThinkBigger [68]

small business podcasts 2014

One-on-One [69] — With Brent Leary. Leary interviews a different top industry leader on each show. The interviews cover a wide variety of small business topics.

Twitter: @smallbiztrends [70]

small business podcasts 2014

Business Insanity Talk Radio [71] — With Barry Moltz. If you run a business, then you know it can be a hectic, crazy life. This show focuses on all the craziness that can surround small businesses.

Twitter: @barrymoltz [72]

small business podcasts 2014

Zane Safrit [73] — Safrit talks with his guests about small business, innovation, word-of-mouth, leadership, generating positive cash-flows, topgrading, social media, and the economy.

Twitter: @ZaneSafrit [74]

small business podcasts 2014

Small Business Advocate [75] — With Jim Blasingame. The Small Business Advocate Show is a two-hour show that airs every weekday. It includes live interviews with small business experts and thought leaders and covers topics related to small business issues.

Twitter: @JimBlasingame [76]

small business podcasts 2014

Mixergy [77] — By Andrew Warner. A video podcast with downloadable audio, Mixergy features interviews with startup founders and business experts who help teach others from their personal experiences.

Twitter: @Mixergy [78]

small business podcasts 2014

The Tropical MBA [79] — With Ian and Dan Andrews. The hosts of The Tropical MBA run two businesses that are location independent. Their blog and podcast are aimed at helping others do the same.

Twitter: @AnythingIan [80]

Twitter: @TropicalMBA [81]

small business podcasts 2014

The Smart Passive Income Podcast [82] — With Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income blog. Learn about online business and blogging strategies with this weekly podcast. The show also includes information about income sources and shares marketing tips specifically aimed at online businesses.

Twitter: @PatFlynn [83]

small business podcasts 2014

From Scratch [84] —  By Jessica Harris. This radio show tells the stories of entrepreneurs who have found success in various industries.

Twitter: @JessGHarris [85]

small business podcasts 2014

The Schiff Report [86] — By Peter Schiff. This video podcast combines a marketing outlook with a dose of current news events.

Twitter: @peterschiff [87]

small business podcasts 2014

Ambitious Entrepreneur [88] — With Annemarie Cross. Aimed at female business owners, this podcast offers practical tips on marketing, money management, and various other aspects involved in running the business of your dreams.

Twitter: @AnnemarieCoach [89]

small business podcasts 2014

Done! [90] — By David Stiernholm. Stiernholm discusses structure and how to visualize, simplify and use the strategies that increase the amount of time at your disposal.

Twitter: @stiernholm [91]

small business podcasts 2014

Great Work Interviews [92] –- With Michael Bungay Stanier. Stanier talks with thought leaders about how to find the great work of your life as well as how to sustain it.

Twitter: @boxofcrayons [93]

small business podcasts 2014

The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders [94] — These are podcasts from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. Each show features a different entrepreneur or leader who speaks about their organization and the business world at large.

Twitter: @ECorner [95]

small business podcasts 2014

The Economist [96] — The podcast offers audio content from The Economist magazine.

Twitter: @TheEconomist [97]

small business podcasts 2014

Peter Day’s World of Business [98] — with Peter Day. Day shares insights into the business world, along with interviews and news from global businesses.

Twitter: @BBCRadio4 [99]

small business podcasts 2014

Freakonomics Radio [100] — By Stephen J. Dubner. Explore ”the hidden side of everything.” This podcast covers a variety of business and economic topics with a unique spin.

Twitter: @freakonomics [101]

small business podcasts 2014

EconTalk [102] — By Russ Roberts. This is an economics podcast for daily life. The show features weekly interviews with guests ranging from small business owners to Nobel Laureates.

Twitter: @EconTalker [103]

small business podcasts 2014

Six Pixels of Separation [104] — With Mitch Joel. Joel talks about digital marketing, new media and personal branding for online businesses.

Twitter: @mitchjoel [105]

small business podcasts 2014

The Social Hour [106] — With Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane. MacArthur and Lane take the pulse and reveal what’s happening on the social Web right now. They talk about new social tools, trends, and upcoming technology in the world of social media.

Twitter: @sarahlane [107]

Twitter: @ambermac [108]

small business podcasts 2014

Foundation [109] — By Kevin Rose. Rose offers interviews with tech entrepreneurs.

Twitter: @foundationkr [110]

small business podcasts 2014

Building 43 [111] — By Robert Scoble. This video podcast takes a geek’s-eye-view of Silicon Valley and interviews technology innovators and executives. It is intended for small businesses looking to make a big impact with technology.

Twitter: @Scobleizer [112]

small business podcasts 2014

Social Pros Podcast [113] — By Jay Baer. Baer highlighs real people doing real work in social media. Each show features insights from the most successful social media managers in the world. Listeners can gain tips tested by large corporations such as Ford, Dell, and IBM.

Twitter: @jaybaer [114]

small business podcasts 2014

Online Marketing & Communications [115] — By Jon Buscall. This podcast looks at how to get the most out of online marketing and communications to help you grow your business. Each show focuses on a different topic like content marketing or new online tools.

Twitter: @jonbuscall [116]

small business podcasts 2014

Deborah Shane Metropolis [117] — By Deborah Shane. Shane offers information, trends and resources for careers, work, new media, branding and motivation. On each show, she interviews business owners, authors, and others relevant to the professional world.

Twitter: @DeborahShane [118]

small business podcasts 2014

33voices [119] — 33Voices. The podcast is a global conversation about things that matter in business and in life. The show features speakers and collaborations between thought leaders in the business community.

Twitter: @33voices [120]

small business podcasts 2014

Ms Ileane Speaks [121] — By Ileane Smith. Listeners get basic blogging tips and learn social media ninja techniques for a variety of platforms including Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.

Twitter: @Ileane [122]

small business podcasts 2014

Rethink your Business Las Vegas [123] — By Dave Hall. The podcast offers quick pieces of advice aimed specifically at businesses in the Las Vegas market.

Twitter: @DaveHallSBA [124]

small business podcasts 2014

Inside PR [125] — With Gini Dietrich, Joseph Thornley and Martin Waxman. This weekly podcast covers social media and public relations. The show uses a roundtable discussion format to talk about a variety of topics from content marketing to online reviews.

Twitter: @martinwaxman [126]

Twitter: @thornley [127]

Twitter: @ginidietrich [128]

small business podcasts 2014

Social Media Marketing Podcast [129] — By Michael Stelzner. The podcast allows busy marketers and business owners to discover what works with social media marketing. The show, from Social Media Examiner, features interviews from social media experts and tips for various platforms.

Twitter: @Mike_Stelzner [130]

small business podcasts 2014

Linking into Sales Podcast [131] — By Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer. The show discusses cutting edge techniques for using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to prospect for, support and grow your business with sales.

Twitter: @LinkingIn2Sales [132]

small business podcasts 2014

Social Geek Radio [133] — By Deb Evans and Jack Monson. This podcast discusses the use of social technologies on today’s Web in the franchise industry.

Twitter: @DebCE [134]

small business podcasts 2014

Online Business Success [135] — By Connie Ragen Green. The podcast focuses on sharing online marketing tips, focusing on topics ranging from affiliate marketing to offering information products online.

Twitter: @ConnieGreen [136]

small business podcasts 2014

Brilliant Business Girlfriends [137] — By Tai Goodwin. This show is aimed at spiritually-conscious female entrepreneurs. The show looks at how to grow your impact, influence, and income.

Twitter: @TaiGoodwind [138]

small business podcasts 2014

The Small Business Marketing Report [139] — By Sean Clark and Robert Tyson. The bi-weekly podcast shares tips, news and views on small business marketing, startups and social media.

Twitter: @TheTysonReport [140]

Twitter: @SeanClark [141]

small business podcasts 2014

Business Rockstars Radio [142] — By Ken Rutkowski. The radio show speaks to the 30 million “wantrepreneurs” in the U.S. Each episode features an interview with a different business rockstar.

Twitter: @bizrockstars [143]

small business podcasts 2014

The Small Business Series podcasts [144] — By Troy and Angi McElfresh. The series offers interviews and insight on topics like leadership, negotiations, planning, networking, marketing and more. The interviews and topics are meant to be relatable for business owners, featuring guests that are hard-working, regular people.

Twitter: @aWorldofMouth [145]

small business podcasts 2014

The Tim Ferriss Show [146] — By Tim Ferriss. Ferriss deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, chess, pro sports, etc.), digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can use.

Twitter: @tferriss [147]

small business podcasts 2014

The Smart Business Revolution Podcast [148] — By John Corcoran. The podcast is dedicated to entrepreneurs and business owners growing their business strategically and intelligently. Topics range from social media tips to interviews with entrepreneurs.

Twitter: @JohnCorcoran [149]

small business podcasts 2014

Blog Aid [150] — By MaAnna Stephenson. The podcast offers non-geeky tips for bloggers. Aimed specifically at WordPress users, the show offers information about different tools bloggers can use to better their online businesses.

Twitter: @BlogAid [151]

small business podcasts 2014

The New Business Podcast [152] — By Chris C. Ducker. The show talks about the next generation of marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Twitter: @chrisducker [153]

small business podcasts 2014

Go Fire Yourself Podcast [154] — By Laurel Staples. Listen to this podcast to get hooked up with priceless how-tos, advice and inspiration for quitting your job, running your own profitable business and never looking back.

Twitter: @laurelstaples [155]

small business podcasts 2014

Social Media Unscrambled [156] — By Chris Curran and David Deutsch. This weekly interactive show tries to make sense of the ever-changing world of social media. The show features interviews, tips, and interaction from listeners.

Twitter: @smUnscrambled [157]

small business podcasts 2014

The Content Champion Podcast [158] — By Loz James. James interviews the Web’s most successful content marketing experts, so you can learn proven strategies to grow your online brand.

Twitter: @contentchampion [159]

small business podcasts 2014

Reach Your Next Level of Greatness [160] — By Stacie Walker. Eavesdrop on conversations with self made entrepreneurs from around the world. Learn what has worked and what hasn’t for each business.

Twitter: @staciewalker [161]

small business podcasts 2014

The Entrepreneurs [162] — By Monocle. This business show is aimed at people who run their own company — or want to. The show features interviews and a variety of topics that impact the business world.

small business podcasts 2014

The Small Biz Express [163] — By Mike Monroe and Gary Shouldis. This podcast is for online and offline entrepreneurs who want to cut to the chase when it comes to actionable business advice. The show breaks down each small business topics into three actionable steps.

Twitter: @3BugMedia [164]

small business podcasts 2014

Entrepreneur on Fire [165] — By John Lee Dumas. Entrepreneur on Fire is a podcast created for the entrepreneur, side-preneur, or small business owner. Its aim is to guide and inspire listeners using the experiences of successful entrepreneurs.

Twitter: @johnleedumas [166]

small business podcasts 2014

Wall Street Journal on Small Business [167] — By WSJ Radio Network. The show offers insights into starting and running a small business, from the Wall Street Journal, Startup Journal and experts in areas such as management and finance.

Twitter: @WSJRadio [168]

small business podcasts 2014

Planet Money Podcast [169] — By NPR. The show says it offers everything you need to know or want to learn about money and finance.

Twitter: @planetmoney [170]

small business podcasts 2014

WSJ’s Your Money Matters [171] — This podcast by The Wall Street Journal looks at how to keep your personal finances in tip-top shape, from credit cards to budgeting.

Twitter: @WSJ [172]

small business podcasts 2014

Money Box [173] — With Paul Lewis. The podcast offers news about savings, investments, credit cards, loans, pensions, banking, taxes, benefits and giving to charity.

Twitter: @paullewismoney [174]

small business podcasts 2014

Listen to Lucy [175] — By Lucy Kellaway. The Financial Times management columnist looks at fads and jargon from the world of management and talks about the ups and downs of office life.

Twitter: @lucykellaway [176]

small business podcasts 2014

Business Daily [177] — By the BBC. The podcast explores business from the largest industries to the smallest scale start-ups and covers issues like free trade, technology and investment on a global scale.

Twitter: @BBCWorldBiz [178]

small business podcasts 2014

On The Media [179] — From NPR. The podcast is intended to make sense of the huge amount of information out there in the media. Listeners are intended to determine what’s important.

Twitter: @onthemedia [180]

small business podcasts 2014

FT Money Show [181] — By The Financial Times. The show brings you engaging and insightful coverage of the week’s major personal finance issues. Topics relate to businesses large and small in countries around the world.

Twitter: @ftmoney [182]

small business podcasts 2014

TLDR [183] — By WNYC, New York Public Radio. The weekly podcast features short, surprising stories about the internet and is hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman.

Twitter: @PJVogt [184]

Twitter: @AGoldmund [185]

small business podcasts 2014

The Influencer Economy [186] — By Ryan Williams. The podcast features conversations with passionate, inspiring and creative individuals who have launched their careers from content, social media, and digital platforms.

Twitter: @ryanjwill [187]

small business podcasts 2014

The Entrepreneur’s Radio Show [188] — By Sandra Champlain and Travis Lane Jenkins. This show offers real, raw and unscripted conversations with thought leaders and industry experts that will grow your business.

Twitter: @travisandsandra [189]

small business podcasts 2014

350 Third Podcast [190] — By Scott Barstow and Anders Brownworth. This bi-weekly podcast covers the impact of the Internet on business. The show discusses online tools and mobile platforms and how they can impact brands.

Twitter: @anders94 [191]

Twitter: @scottbarstow [192]

small business podcasts 2014

Eventual Millionaire [193] — By Jaime Tardy. The podcast features interviews with millionaires, entrepreneurs and business minded individuals.

Twitter: @eventualmillion [194]

small business podcasts 2014

The NextMarket Podcast [195] — By Michael Wolf. Listeners hear conversations with tech and media makers, “lifehackers,” and paradigm “shifters.” Topics include digital publishing, investing, podcasting, crowdfunding, and pretty much anything else related to tech businesses.

Twitter: @NextMarketCo [196]

small business podcasts 2014

The Friday Hangout [197] — By Jane Fouts. Welcome to this gathering of the movers and shakers in online marketing, talking about favorite apps and the future of social media. The show pulls together a small group of individuals each week to discuss topics such as social media, marketing, PR, and other business related news.

Twitter: @jfouts [198]

small business podcasts 2014

The Work Talk Show [199] — By Nick Westergaard and DJ Waldow. The show is about productivity, work life balance and similar issues that can face entrepreneurs and other business professionals.

Twitter: @NickWestergaard [200]

Twitter: @djwaldow [201]

small business podcasts 2014

The Reluctant Speakers Club [202] — By Eamonn O’Brien. The show has interviews about how to make powerful speeches, improve your communication skills in your daily worklife and more.

Twitter: @TheReluctantSC [203]

small business podcasts 2014

Marketing Mavericks [204] — By Tonya Hall. The show offers interviews with top marketing professionals to discuss case studies, communication strategies, brand insights,  social media, trends, and analytics.

Twitter: @TonyaHallRadio [205]

small business podcasts 2014

The High Performance Lifestyle [206] — By Kosio Angelov. The podcast was created for the highly driven individual, looking to increase his or her productivity and reduce stress.

Twitter: @KosioAngelov [207]

small business podcasts 2014

Disrupt This! [208] — By Carlos Rodela, Matt Ruby and Michael Wolf. The podcast looks at the lighter side of the tech and startup world. The show includes news and jokes related to the world of technology.

Twitter: @TechFMPodcasts [209]

small business podcasts 2014

Breaking Down Your Business [210] – With Brad Farris and Jill Salzman. This podcast tackles the question a business owner often is asking himself / herself, “How do I make more money without driving myself nuts?” The show hosts are covering five things during the episode, e.g., Top 5 Things Business Owners Do Wrong.

Twitter: @BDYbiz [211]

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