Craig Sutton

Craig Sutton Craig Sutton is the owner of Sutton Brand Management. Using his background in tech, including 5 years managing the servers and networking team for a major regional Internet provider and also owner of an IT and Web software development firm, he harnesses the power of digital and traditional marketing to help small to medium sized businesses excel.

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  1. Is this like Dropbox for messages? Like cloud storage for messages?

  2. Great piece! In addition, we feel there are a few other pieces to take into consideration. Is the provider focused on your (the channel partners) success? What kind of experience do they have in building and delivering the platform? Do they innovate and stay ahead of the end user demands and are they end user centric? All great things to take into mind as you are evaluating a UC platform provider – especially from the point of view as the service provider who will be providing the service.

    Thanks for sharing!

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