May 28, 2015

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Anita Campbell

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tyler new media2

Meet the Tylers: A Family Business Gives Voice to its Community

Ronnie and Lamar Tyler each left successful corporate jobs and eventually turned their passion into their own lucrative business venture. Small Business Trends caught up with the husband-and-wife team at the recent ICON 15 Conference.

Ban the box

What Employers Need to Know About the “Ban the Box” Movement

Watch out. A growing body of legislation will dictate whether and in what way you will be able to consider an applicant's criminal history during the hiring process. While many employers already consider those with criminal histories under certain circumstances, the new laws create new regulatory hurtles.


Fraudulent DMCA Takedown Requests: Finally, a Lid on Them?

Unscrupulous parties have abused the DMCA copyright law, trying to force removal of legitimate online content by lodging fraudulent DMCA takedown requests. But a recent court case may make people think twice about that practice.


Outsourcing Social Media – Can it Be Inexpensive, Yet High Quality?

When you first hear it, the idea of outsourcing your company's social media responsibilities sounds bad. But $99 Social says it can provide your company personalized service ... and at a small business-friendly price. Read the role that training and automation play in providing a high-quality, yet low-priced service.

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