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endurance constant contact

Endurance International to Acquire Constant Contact in Billion Dollar Deal

Endurance International Group and Constant Contact together will serve 5 million small businesses, with products including website hosting and email marketing tools. This acquisition brings together multiple well-known brands to assist small businesses with their web presence and marketing.

cinch book binder

3 Small Businesses Crack the Mobile Marketing Code

Cracking the small business mobile marketing code isn't as hard as you might think. It's about having a mobile friendly site, focusing on giving mobile friendly content such as YouTube videos, having complete business listings with useful information, and displaying seasonal and trendy items up front.

Amazon fake review lawsuit

Are Fiverrs Running Scared From Amazon Fake Reviews Lawsuit?

Amazon fake review services still operate over at, despite the lawsuit that named over 1,100 review sellers by their Fiverr handles. Some have been shut down, but other reviewers seem to be thriving. And buyers who should be running scared seem to still be buying - at least for the time being.

google safety center

Google Cracks Down on Robocalls That Mislead Small Businesses

Google is tired of robocallers that imply they are representing Google to try to trick small businesses into hiring their services. Google has set up a special security center with educational information about robocall scams, including a form to report scams. Google also filed a lawsuit against a marketing firm making robocalls.


Use the 5 Senses for a Great Customer Experience

Your neighborhood grocery store has mastered the art of seducing the senses. And there's no reason your retail business shouldn't do the same. Whether you sell yummy produce or the latest fashions, learn to plug into your customers on a whole new level.


Drama at HubSpot as CMO Fired After Book Investigation

Hubspot has fired one key executive, another has resigned and a third was sanctioned in the wake of allegations of violating the company's code of ethics in attempts to procure a manuscript of a book written about the company.

Business Independence couple on beach 2

The Small Business Guide to Getting Ready for Vacation

If you're like many small business owners, you know the importance of taking some time off from your small business. But you may not always have time to do it. Perhaps you don't have a staff up to the task. Perhaps you have no staff at all. In either way, there are options to get some down time. Read on.

Naumi Haque, CEB marketing to small business

This Team Gets Inside the Heads of Small Business Owners

Naumi Haque uncovers surprising insights about how small business owners across North America think and act. For instance, the insight that “small business owners are not cheap” is one of the things that sometimes is a revelation to clients of CEB’s small business program, where he is Research Director. And the surprises don’t end there. Recently he and his team pulled together revealing insights about who influences who in the world of small businesses.

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