May 25, 2016

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty has been into blogging and Internet Marketing for 6 years. Throughout this time she was an SEO freelancer, Director of Media at BlueGlass, Editor in Chief at Search Engine Journal as well as guest contributor at Mashable, MakeUseOf and many other high-profile technology blogs

Currently, Ann Smarty is the owner of My Blog Guest, the free platform connecting guest bloggers to blog owners. Ann is also the excited part of Internet Marketing Ninjas Team as the community and branding manager. She is also the co-founder of Viral Content Buzz, the free social media promotion tool based on the idea of collaborative sharing.

You can follow Ann’s ramblings at her personal blog


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Feeling a little left out because of the limitations of the Twitter mobile app? You're probably not alone. There are quite a few third-party apps to access the social site and here are some of the best for small businesses.

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How to Secure Your Social Media Accounts

If one of your social media profiles gets hacked, a lot of private data could get into the wrong hands quickly. And that means information about your small business, too. Here are ways to help prevent an account hacking.

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