Annie Pilon - Staff Writer

Annie Pilon

Annie Pilon is a staff writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles and feature stories. She is a freelance writer specializing in marketing, social media, and creative topics. She has a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago in Journalism and Marketing Communications. She also has a passion for small businesses and entrepreneurship.

Through her first few years of professional life, she’s written everything from traditional newspaper articles to email newsletters for political campaigns.


Remote Workers Build Tools to Make Remote Work Even Easier

Doist, the company behind Todoist, has grown from 1 to 40 employees in a short amount of time. That kind of growth can be traced to the company's ability to embrace a remote work environment. The staff of the company is scattered around the globe.

fine art

You Can Now Invest in Art for a Fraction of the Cost

You've probably never heard of crowdfunding like this before. Imagine you could invest in valuable art work with others for a fraction of what it might cost to buy it yourself. Your purchases could then be stored as their value increased with the possibility of selling it in the future.


Spotlight: Heeluxe Steps Up in Footwear Licensing

Every small business owner could be accused -- at least at some point -- of trying to do too much. That's what happened to Heeluxe CEO Geoffrey Gray and it nearly cost him his business. Find out how he turned it around in this week's Small Business Spotlight.


This Company is Creating Operas with a Fresh Perspective

A U.S. opera house is taking a non-traditional approach to marketing a truly vintage art form. Apotheosis Opera is using modern technology to market its new take on operas. And the company is succeeding in large part because its new spin actually clues viewers in on the storylines.

woman checking time

Save Precious Time with These Community Tips

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you've probably already realized that time is your most precious commodity. So how do small business owners perpetually short on time get all they need don with such a shortage of resources? So glad you asked.


Chef Creates a Sustainable Menu Using Food Waste

A California restauranteur has a unique spin on a sustainable menu. At Union Pasadena, they're taking the parts of produce that are typically thrown in the trash or, at best, used as compost, are being spun into sauces, garnishes, and then whole meals.

cafe artscience

The Bar of the Future Serves More Than Just Drinks

Cafe ArtScience is one company changing the bar scene entirely. It's found a niche by changing the state -- literally -- of drinks. And this is just one bar that's innovating to stand out among competition.

shadow team

Spotlight: Shadow Consolidates Online Reviews in One Place

The online startup Shadow aims to be a one-stop shop for consumers to get reviews on just about anything. The difference with Shadow is that it collects reviews from multiple sites and presents them in one spot.