December 2, 2015

Aubrielle Billig

Aubrielle Billig

Aubrielle Billig is a full time senior at Kutztown University, PA, studying graphic design and professional writing, with a strong sense for the creative and innovative.

She spends her spare time working on her schooling, and hopes to be a children’s author and illustrator one day.

Her design page can be found at RampagingSnails and her twitter feed can be followed from @AubriBillig.

varage sale

VarageSale App Makes eCommerce Local

The Varage Sale app is a little bit eBay, a little bit Pinterest. It's a community of virtual yard sales where buyers and sellers get to know and trust each other.


24 Team Building Games and Exercises

If your company is all work and no play, there's bound to be a problem. Build togetherness and have a little fun at the same time with these 25 team-building and ice breaker activities.


YouTube Ad Revenue Sharing Threatened by Facebook

Tens of thousand of producers have started creating video content on YouTube to take advantage of the platform's shared ad revenue program. Unfortunately, when users upload these videos directly to Facebook, these producers receive no pay at all. Here's why.

tot squad

Tot Squad Will Help Install Your Baby Gear

The franchise startup Tot Squad offers services to busy parents that can often be the bane of child rearing. Tot Squad will actually clean -- even vomit -- from car seats and strollers and even show parents how to install child seats properly in their vehicles.

Sales fantasy sales team

FantasySalesTeam Has Games that Make Sales Teams Better

Intra-office fantasy sports leagues are nothing new. But now your team can draft each other with Fantasy Sales Team. This app turns your sales people into commodities that can be drafted, traded, and coveted in a work-related game that's aimed at boosting sales and team building.


Cafe Finds Perfect Location — In an Old Train Station?

Business owners often talk about the importance of location. At times that includes finding an interesting place to locate a business -- say in an old train station. As unique an idea as this might appear to be, cafes and restaurants located in train stations have become a trend.


Startups Use Jobbatical to Offer Digital Nomads Work Adventures

If you can't imagine being in one place for too long or if you run a startup and need a quick infusion of new talent on your team, there's a company that offers to find the right fit. Employees seeking a job adventure and those wanting to hire them now have a new option.


Blimpie Franchise Raises Money for Low Income Housing

OK, maybe opening a franchise sandwich shop isn't the first thing that comes to every non-profit organizers mind when trying to figure out how to raise more cash. Then again, maybe it should be. Check out how this group found funds in franchising profits.


Coffee Chain Finds Profit — With Nonprofits?

So, the idea of a business is to make money, right? It sure is! But in some cases and with some businesses helping out a non-profit or other special cause can also be ... well ... profitable. The success of Coffeed is just one good example.

bun festival

Hong Kong Bun Festival Makes Local Bakery More Than $10,000 a Day

Timing and location can be the key to business success. Take this bakery that caters to a famous local festival near Hong Kong every year. What can you learn from this small business success story? How can you position your business to be a part of local events in your community?