May 24, 2016

Barbara Weltman

Barbara Weltman

Barbara Weltman is the Tax Columnist for Small Business Trends. Barbara is an author, attorney and a leading authority on tax, law, and finance for small business. She publishes an “Idea of the Day®” and monthly e-newsletter, “Big Ideas for Small Business®” found at Barbara Weltman, and is a trusted professional advocate for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

She has written over 25 books, including perennial top sellers, “J.K. Lasser’s Small Business Taxes” and “J.K. Lasser’s 1001 Deductions & Tax Breaks,” along with her latest books, “Guide to Self-Employment” and “Smooth Failing,” and is a blogger for, Entrepreneur, and AmEx OPEN.


Never Make These 3 Tax Moves

Tax season may be behind us, but it is never too early to think about problems to avoid for the coming year. Here tax expert and author Barbara Weltman offers insight on the kinds of tax decision you need to keep watching out for throughout the rest of the year.

tax break

5 Tax Breaks for Hiring New Employees

You probably never thought of hiring employees as a way to save money. And, of course, it's not really. But there are hiring incentives you should b aware of come tax time. Here's a list to get you started.

tax expensing rules 2

New Tax Expensing and Depreciation Rules

How do you go about writing purchases for your business off on your taxes? There are new rules and lots of options for small businesses. Here's a look at some new tax expensing and depreciation rules for this year.

top 20 tax deductions (1)

Top 20 Tax Deductions for Small Business

Tax season is rough on a lot of small businesses. But the ability to deduct expenses and other items from the amount you owe is a silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud. Check out these 20 tax deductions that small businesses can take this year.


Tax Planning Ahead with Certainty – Really?

Congressional approval of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act means small businesses have a better idea of what their taxes will be ahead of time this coming year and into the future.

medical bill

5 Things to Know About Flexible Spending Accounts

Small business owners could consider establishing a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for its employees to help pay for some personal expenses not covered by insurance. Here are tips to small businesses considering this benefit.

car keys

5 Things to Know About Your Business Vehicle

Is it time for a company car? It's a big step for a small business. Here are 5 really important things to consider before turning the ignition for the first time.

retirement program

5 Things to Do Before You Retire

If you're ready to step away from running your small business and retire, proper planning to ensure the future of yourself and your endeavors is vital.


5 Hidden Costs of Running a Business

It seems no matter how prepared you think you are financially to run your small business, you're hit with something here or another thing there. These hidden costs can drain your budget in a hurry. Here are some tips to help you avoid the unexpected.

vet care

5 Voluntary Benefits Your Staff May Appreciate

Keeping happy employees goes beyond a competitive salary and health insurance. Adding in some other fringe benefits -- at little cost to the company -- can address your team's real-life wants and needs, too.

health insurance

5 Tax Related Changes for Your Healthcare in 2016

Your healthcare coverage is changing in 2016. Did you know that? More importantly, do you now how? Here tax expert Barbara Weltman has some details about the changes and what they will mean to your business.

apple watch

4 Tax Questions Without Answers

Is your new Apple Watch a tax deduction? Or will that attempt at writing it off get you in hot water with the IRS? That question and several others are one for which there is no simple answer.

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