Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz

Barry is a very funny and smart entrepreneur and writer. As his bio says, “Barry J. Moltz has been running small businesses with a great deal of success and failure for 15 years.”

He has even been dubbed the Bill Cosby of entrepreneurship, because of his humor. He can be found at

wall street

Has the Next Recession Already Begun?

The Chinese stock market has tumbled in recent months. Could this be a sign that the next recession has already begun? How should your small business prepare if that's the case?


10 Most Common Acronyms in Email and Texting

Acronyms have moved beyond the LOLs and LMAOs that the kids (and a lot of adults) are using. Now, knowing this lingo is almost essential to getting through the day without having to ask a lot of questions. Here's a guide to 10 of the more popular you might see in emails or chats to your small business.


Stressed Out? These 7 Tips Help Make Work Enjoyable

The day-to-day grind, the rat race ... they're the scourge of small business owners, too. Luckily there are 7 things you can do - a lot from your desk - to help reduce your workday stress.

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How to Reel in a Large Corporate Client

It's a dream scenario for nearly any small business, landing a lucrative contract with a big company. Yes, big companies need the help of small businesses, too. Here are steps you can take to help land you a big client.


How to Get People to Remember Your Name

When you're out networking or meeting with potential clients and business partners, how do you make sure you stay top of mind and aren't forgotten as soon as the meeting has ended? These tips will make sure you don't ever slip their minds.

Office Clutter

7 Ways to do Your Business More Harm Than Good

You want your business to be a success, but could it be that some of the practices you engage in every day are taking your company in the opposite direction? See if you recognize the bad practices on this list.


Successful Entrepreneurs Never Do These 7 Things

If successful entrepreneurs have never made these mistakes, you shouldn't either. Here are 7 things that a successful businessperson never does. Be sure you avoid making these mistakes, too.