July 28, 2015



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google photos

Google Plus Photos is Shutting Down, Is Google Plus Next?

There is more evidence that the days for Google Plus, the company's attempt at a social media network, are numbered. That's especially true after Google just announced that Google Plus Photos is shutting down and has been re-branded as Google Photos.


Advanced Analytics with These Google Add Ons

Looking for more in-depth data from Google Analytics? The company has introduced seven new add-ons that allow you to get more detail about the visitors to your site.

rusty mailbox

10 Steps for Handling Unsubscribes

Let's face it. No one likes to lose subscribers. But the important thing is to learn to handle unsubscribes effectively. Be sure to treat the process professionally and try to learn what you can to cut down on more departures in the future.


Use Facebook Author Meta Tags for Better Connections with Readers

So what does the new Facebook Author Meta Tag do for you and your business? Well, think of it as a way to grow your social media following. It makes it easier for people on the social network to follow you once they decide they like your content. Win-win!

Examining SEO ResultsEDIT

One Year In, Is Your SEO Effort Paying Off?

Patience is critical when analyzing the impact of your SEO efforts and investment. After one year of spending time and money trying to drive more traffic to your site, here are ways to check on the results so far.

matt cutts

What Does Matt Cutts’ Replacement as Head of Webspam Mean?

You've probably already heard the news that Matt Cutts, former Google Head of Webspam, will not be returning to his role after taking a leave of absence from the company in July of last year. But here's some speculation about what that change may mean in the long run.

mobile app user

Is it Time for Your Business to Go Mobile?

You've got a website. Now, everyone's getting to the Web on their smartphones or tablets. Does that mean it's time for your business to invest in a mobile app?

capturing live event

11 Steps for Promoting Your Live Event with Social Media

When promoting an upcoming event on social media, it's great to put up a little message on Facebook or Twitter telling people it's happening. But you know what? If that's all you're doing, you are seriously ignoring what social media can do.


Want Leads? Use YouTube Remarketing

You know the popularity of video on the Web, but here's a way you can also harness that power to get more customers for your small business today.