Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson’s cartoons appear in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Harvard Business Review, Good Housekeeping, and Forbes.

Anderson is the creator of the popular cartoon website,, where he licenses his cartoons for presentations, newsletters and other projects.

The cartoonist also creates custom cartoons for companies looking to associate his gentle wit with their products and brands.

He blogs at: Andertoons Cartoon Blog.

He lives in the Chicago area with his wife, son, daughter, dog, cats, and numerous dust bunnies.


Jargon Overload Will Limit Your Audience to This Guy

When you write, is it with the purpose of truly making yourselves understood? Or are you just using the buzzwords and slogans you believe your audience wants to hear? In business writing, it's especially important to communicate effectively. So leave your jargon at the door.


A Nice Little Turn of Phrase

Sometimes inspiration is spelled out before you in black-and-white. And when it does, it's best to just run with it.


When in Doubt, Ask the Spouse

We don't call them our better half for nothing. Think you've got a great idea? You might. But just check with your husband, wife, significant other first.


There’s Plenty of Company in “The Trough of Sorrow”

If you're a plucky startup company that has lost its pluck lately, no worries. You're not alone. Consider spinning this difficult time positively, even if that's by giving it a really cool, though somewhat negative, name.


If Dogs Ran Your Small Business

When you have the ability to plop pets into otherwise ordinary business situations, the jokes basically write themselves.


How Holiday Daydreams Inspired Drooping Sales Figures

Is it too soon to start thinking about the holidays that round out the calendar year? Actually, cartoonist Mark Anderson also finds that ideas he has during the holiday season can inspire the whole year long.


Does Your Business Need a Little Dumb Luck?

This cartoon celebrates the elements in business that can't be controlled. Of course, no self-respecting entrepreneur should ever leave his or her success in the hands of fate. But sometimes it's cathartic to laugh in its face just the same.

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