February 10, 2016

Personal Branding Blog

Personal Branding Blog

The Personal Branding Blog is part of the Small Business Trends Publisher Channel, offering branding and career advice from Dan Schawbel and his team of experts. The blog helps professionals build a powerful brand to remain competitive in the job market.


3 Questions to Ask Before Ghostwriting to Amplify Your Brand

Ghostwriting could be a great way to advance and amplify your brand. If you've got the ability to produce content for others and potentially benefit yourself, ask these three questions before agreeing to any assignments.


Here are 6 Skills of Great Employees

Great employees tend to possess specific skills that separate them from the pack. What are they? Check out this list of 6 traits a lot of great employees have.

fishing net

How to Cast a Bigger Net for Your Small Business

Networking for networking's sake isn't nearly as effective as networking with a purpose. If you're dedicated to network as a means of giving back, you may see more in return.

club sandwich

Six Steps to the Perfect Power Lunch

There are power lunches and then there's harnessing the power of a good lunch. Here are tips from successful entrepreneurs to make the most of your lunch break.