October 5, 2015

Personal Branding Blog

Personal Branding Blog

The Personal Branding Blog is part of the Small Business Trends Publisher Channel, offering branding and career advice from Dan Schawbel and his team of experts. The blog helps professionals build a powerful brand to remain competitive in the job market.

heart hands

Financial Benefits to Being Kind to Others

Kindness is a pay-it-forward type of quality. But how you interact with others -- especially in a nice way -- can mean profits for your small business.

office talk

What Not To Say at Work or Around the Office

There are some obvious, sure to get someone fired (or sued) things not to say around the office. Then there are things to say that can really destroy the team culture and don't really promote growth. Here are some of those things you don't want to hear around the office.

radio dial

Is Office Music Causing Distractions?

That music piping into your office or workspace may not be providing the serene, work-promoting ambiance you think it does. In fact, music in the office may be a distraction and concentration breaker.

fitness class

How Boosting Physical Fitness Leads to Better Business

If work has become a slog day in and day out, perhaps your physical fitness could be at least partly to blame. Here are ways to incorporate a fitness regime into your daily routine to make it less of a grind and increase your output.


Want to be a Creative Leader? Adopt These 10 Qualities

There are leaders of all types in the small business world. What style have you adopted or do you see yourself as? If you think you're a creative leader, check to see if you possess these 10 distinct qualities.


Passion Leads to Success, Or Does it?

Entrepreneurs tend to be passionate folks. But does the kindling of that passion alone mean that a person is destined to be successful, especially in business?

vacation work

What To Do When Vacations Are Over

Everyone talks about not coming back from a vacation but in reality, even the greatest break comes to an end. Here's how to prepare for the end of your next business vacation to transition back to work mode.

ax chop

11 Rhyming Words that Cue Life Hacks for Business

Each day, running your business presents new challenges -- and some that seem to happen pretty regularly, too. Dealing with these unwanted distractions requires its own set of reactions. Here's an easy way to remember the best way to deal with setbacks.

periscope app

How to Use Periscope for Business

Twitter's video streaming app, Periscope, is now available for download for both iOS and Android. Here's a look at how businesses can utilize this new video app right away.

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