November 29, 2015

Shawn Hessinger - Editor

Shawn Hessinger

Shawn Hessinger is the Editor for Small Business Trends. He is a journalist and social media networker with more than a decade of experience in the traditional newspaper business before moving to the digital world. He was the former community manager of BizSugar and the former community editor at AllAnalytics, a site dedicated to professionals in the business intelligence and analytics community.

Shawn is also an entrepreneur at heart, having founded his own firm providing blogging and social media engagement services, consulting and freelancing for online businesses, particularly Web publishers and online communities, in several industries.

things to do on small business saturday 1

41 Things to Do on Small Business Saturday

Want to know what YOU can do to support small business? Shop small and dine small. There's a good chance that everyone knows at least one small business ... and probably a lot more. Here are dozens of things to do on Small Business Saturday to show your support.

save time on social media

26 Tips for Saving Time on Social Media

Social media can be a hugely successful tool for your small business. The trouble is it can also be a time sink. And spending time night and day on your Facebook page and away from other important stuff like running your business is a bad thing.

go digital webinar

Researching Buyer Personas? Join in This Webinar to Learn More

Depending on the types of sales your small business handles on a regular basis, your approach to marketing will vary greatly. By checking out the "Leverage Purchase Types to Win More Customers for Less" webinar, you'll know how to handle any kind of sale.

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Are You Paying Too Little Or Too Much in Sales Commissions?

How much do you pay your sales team in commissions? Would it surprise you to learn there is a considerable range of compensation out there? These results may get you thinking about how your own compensation sacks up, and what others in your industry are doing.


Why These Innovative Technologies are Worth Every Penny

If you're keen on increasing your productivity, today's fast-paced technology market can have you moving a little quicker for a small investment. Here are some technologies that will definitely help boost your output on a daily basis.

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chip card

Transitioning to Chip Card Technology #SmallBizChat

Small businesses face an important deadline in the adoption of EMV chip card technology. Get answers on that and what else these changes will bring to your small business during an upcoming Twitter chat.