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Small Biz Technology is part of the Small Business Trends Publisher Channel, and is all about helping “regular” small business owners – those who are not technically savvy – know what technology they need to boost productivity, save time, save money, increase revenue and boost customer service in their business.


What Can You Learn from BlackBerry’s Persistence?

By all accounts and trends, BlackBerry shouldn't still be a competitive company in the tech sector. Yet, it's still there and kicking. Here are ways that small businesses can learn from BlackBerry's longevity in an increasingly competitive market.


Did You Know This About Email Subject Lines?

One of the most effective means of communicating with your customers is through email. But just because you hit Send doesn't guarantee your message is getting read. Here are some tips for writing proper Subject lines that are sure to get the reader's eye.

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How Do You Get Your Message Heard Amid Social Media Noise?

There are handfuls of busy social media networks in use today. And your small business is likely participating in the noise they're making. So, how do you get your small business message to stand out among the rest?

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Get Your Business Ready to Sell on Social Media

If your small business isn't selling directly on social media because it's too complicated, nearly all major sites have made it easier. Almost all the major sites now feature some type of "Buy" action button that lets you sell directly from a social site.


The Microsoft Dropbox Partnership is Good for Small Business

Microsoft's partnership with Dropbox will allow small business owners to access cloud files stored with the service from any device. Read about the variety of benefits your small business could reap from this historic collaboration.

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These Video Marketing Tips Will Boost Your Sales

Videos are now almost essential when marketing your small business. No one is expecting production qualities on the level of a Super Bowl ad or something off a Hollywood set. But good video content can go a long way to growing your business. Here's how to do it effectively.

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Good Office Furniture Can Be a Good Marketing Tool, Too

Take the furniture in your office seriously. It's more than just a couple of mismatched chairs and desks or a place to park yourself for the day -- or at least it should be. Comfort is certainly important, but so is appearance. What experience does good office furniture create for customers?

win an apple watch Provides Easy ‘One-Touch’ Mobile Meetings is making it easier to collaborate with your colleagues and clients with new One-Touch access. Users get notifications on their iPhone or Apple Watch and with just a tap of the finger, can join a online meeting wherever they may be. Don't have an Apple Watch? You still have time to win one by participating in this Twitter contest.

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Not On Facebook? You’re Missing Out, Study Says

Small businesses everywhere are using Facebook to grow and reach new audiences. And if you're not using Facebook to benefit your small business, you're definitely missing out on a great opportunity.

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So What’s the Real Reason Verizon Bought AOL?

When Verizon agreed to purchase AOL, it got a wealth of content and video in the deal. This move should position Verizon to become a major player in digital marketing and media distribution in the near future.