August 29, 2015


Keeping you up to date on the economy and how it impacts small businesses.

paypal split

PayPal Spinoff from eBay is Now Complete

The spinoff of PayPal from eBay as an independent company is now complete. Both companies have been important to small businesses in the past. Here's more about how the spinoff affects each.

bike shop

Fed Data Show How Tiny Most Small Businesses Really Are

How small is small? New federal data shows that most small businesses are very small. By definition, a small business could have up to 499 employees. The average American small business has about 8!

safety net

Will Increasing the Social Safety Net Boost Entrepreneurship?

If would-be entrepreneurs knew there'd be something to fall back on, they might be willing to take more risks starting businesses. New research suggests there is something governments can do to increase the number of startups, but maybe not what you think.