September 26, 2016


Keeping you up to date on the economy and how it impacts small businesses.


It’s Not Business as Usual in Cuba – Yet

Loosening of embargoes on the Communist island of Cuba could eventually present some unique opportunities for businesses in the U.S. But don't start measuring for drapes in your downtown Havana office just yet.


Donald Trump on Small Business Issues (In His Own Words)

Donald Trump has said quite a bit during his so-far successful Presidential campaign but we wanted to know what his stances were on issues vital to the health of small businesses. Here they are in his own words.


Carl’s Jr. Flees California Over High Taxes

The fast-food chain Carl's Jr. said it has decided to move out of its California headquarters to be closer to the base of Hardee's. Could California's harsh business taxes be to blame for the move?

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