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merge pieces

5 Considerations Before Merging Businesses

Not all business mergers work out for the best ... for either company. In fact, most business mergers fail. Here are 5 things to think about before deciding to merge businesses.

constant contact endurance

Endurance International Completes Constant Contact Acquisition

Endurance International Group has announced that it has completed a previously announced acquisition of Constant Contact. Constant Contact joins a host of other brands that offer services to small businesses. The Constant Contact name is expected to stay intact.

adp jobs report

Small Business Jobs Up in January, According to ADP Report

Small businesses created 79,000 jobs in January, according to new data from ADP in coordination with Moody's Analytics. Check out how much the smallest of small businesses contributed at the start of this year.

Wasp barcode tech survey (1)

71 Percent of Small Businesses Expect Growth, Report Says

Despite many challenges, small business owners remain an optimistic lot. Another survey, this from Wasp Barcode Technologies, finds that most small business owners remain optimistic over the economic climate ahead.

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