February 5, 2016


Hiring, training, leading, compensating and retaining employees are among the biggest challenges in a small business. Browse real-world advice, tips and resources on how to build a great team.

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New York Restaurants Eliminate Tips to Offset Wage Hike

More than a dozen restaurants in New York City have eliminated tips and developed a no tipping policy for service employees. The elimination of tips is supposed to offset a recent rise in wages. Will other restaurants follow?

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Are Your Employees Two-Timing You?

Moonlighting was a popular show in the 80s and it's a popular way of working today. New information reveals that one-third of all gainfully employed people in the U.S. are working a second job of some kind for supplemental income.


Minneapolis Sick Leave Plan Will Hurt City’s Smallest Businesses

The City of Minneapolis is going forward with a plan to enforce a controversial sick-time protection plan for employees. The law would put the onus on small business owners to grant unprecedented paid time off for various situations and to provide work schedules far in advance to their employees.


Here are 6 Skills of Great Employees

Great employees tend to possess specific skills that separate them from the pack. What are they? Check out this list of 6 traits a lot of great employees have.

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5 Secrets to Retaining Great Employees

Small businesses risk losing their employees as much as any other company. And people will leave for a variety of reasons. If you're keen on keeping the people you have for as long as you can, check out these 5 tips for retaining good employees.

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Should You Hire Overqualified Employees?

If you think an overqualified employee is going to regret working for you and think they're better than everyone else, think again. New data shows these overqualified employees are a boon to your business and they'll probably enjoy working in that role.

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Non-Employers Growing: A Concern?

The average American small business is getting smaller. That's what new data from the Census shows. Since 2007, the average company has gotten smaller and seen less sales annually.

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Business Fined Whopping $1.75 Million for Docking Wages

A Pennsylvania telemarketing firm of business publications has been ordered to pay $1.75 million in back wages for forcing employees to "clock out" when doing ordinary activities like restroom breaks and even stretching at their desks.

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Do Your Employees Expect a Raise This Year?

A favorable economy may mean a lot of small business employees will see an increase in their pay this year. Is your small business in a position to offer raises to your team?