May 26, 2015


Hiring, training, leading, compensating and retaining employees are among the biggest challenges in a small business. Browse real-world advice, tips and resources on how to build a great team.

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How to Select the Right Time Tracking App for Your Business

There are lots of dirty jobs to tackle when running a small business. Usually they're the tedious tasks that seemingly take the most time to complete. Tracking employee time is one such task but there are tools available to small businesses to automate much of this process.

Ban the box

What Employers Need to Know About the “Ban the Box” Movement

Watch out. A growing body of legislation will dictate whether and in what way you will be able to consider an applicant's criminal history during the hiring process. While many employers already consider those with criminal histories under certain circumstances, the new laws create new regulatory hurtles.


Could Robots Be the Employees of the Future?

Is the robot revolution upon us? Not quite but it could be soon. Researchers have robots watching YouTube videos and learning from them. Could your next employees be mechanical instead of human?