July 3, 2015


Hiring, training, leading, compensating and retaining employees are among the biggest challenges in a small business. Browse real-world advice, tips and resources on how to build a great team.

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11 Company Perks That Actually Attract Top Talent

Big salaries aren't the only way to attract top talent. Plenty of companies have other perks too to attract the people they need and retain them for the long haul. From opportunities to work abroad to training opportunities and even company wide BBQ, there are many ways to lure the employees you want.

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How to Handle the Difficult Task of Firing Someone

If one member of your team hasn't been pulling their weight for some time, it may be time to let them go. Firing an employee definitely isn't one of the easiest tasks a small business owner encounters but sometimes it's absolutely necessary. Here are tips on how to handle firing someone.

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How Employee Benefits Can Be a Bold Strategic Move

High salaries aren't the only way to recruit and retain great employees. Great benefits are another popular option. Check out this upcoming podcast outlining how benefits can help you retain your best employees. See how affordable benefits can be by simply doing your homework.

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How To Create Successful Employees

If you're welcoming a new member to the team, to ensure they can be a long-term productive member of it is to introduce them to your company's culture and detail their roles right after they walk in the door.

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Why a $15 per Hour Minimum Wage May Not Be All Bad for Small Biz

Plenty of small business owners are worried about mandatory increases in the minimum wage no matter what form they take. While Christian Brim admits he's not in favor of such a policy, he also insists there are places small business owners can find opportunity here.

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3 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Employees

Clear expectations and effective communications are effective ways to get more from employees. Also, consider being more transparent with company business. These tips will help you maximize the potential of those closest to your business.