September 2, 2015


Hiring, training, leading, compensating and retaining employees are among the biggest challenges in a small business. Browse real-world advice, tips and resources on how to build a great team.

Employee Not Working Out

What Should You Do When an Employee Isn’t Working Out?

Dealing with an employee who just isn't working out can be stressful for any business manager. But for small business owners, the situation can be critical. With a small team, it can be extremely detrimental to have anyone functioning below par. So how do you go about handling an under performing employee?


Targeting Millennials Not As Customers But As Investors

You've heard plenty about the need to market to Millennials, no doubt. But now that this group makes up a stunning 50 percent of the workforce and will soon control nearly $7 billion in liquid assets collectively, you may want to think bigger.

fork in the road

Should You Hire a Career Changer?

If you're looking to expand the size of your small business team, you will inevitably run across someone making a total career change. Here are some reasons why a career changer may be the right fit for your growing company.

vet care

5 Voluntary Benefits Your Staff May Appreciate

Keeping happy employees goes beyond a competitive salary and health insurance. Adding in some other fringe benefits -- at little cost to the company -- can address your team's real-life wants and needs, too.

work from home profile

Who’s the Average Stay-at-Home Worker Today?

More than 3 million Americans work at least part of their week at home. So your small business is more likely going to be relying on the services of a remote worker, if it hasn't already. So, who is the average work-from-home person?

spin class

Why Your Company Needs a Wellness Program

Having a healthy team can lead to increased overall company productivity. It can also drive down the cost of running your business. And these are just a few benefits of a company wellness program.

dept of labor

DOL Claims Small Businesses May Still be Misclassifying Employees

Independent contractors are a hugely important part of the economy today, especially for small businesses. But now the U.S. Department of Labor is again suggesting the classification is being misapplied. And some suggest crackdowns may be coming soon.

build a strong company cultureEDIT

What it Takes to Build a Strong Company Culture

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you're the one responsible to build a strong company culture. Shape your company culture the way you want it. Don't simply let it evolve on its own without your guidance. Think of it as your company's personality. Are you happy with the personality your business exhibits?

number 11

11 Company Perks That Actually Attract Top Talent

Big salaries aren't the only way to attract top talent. Plenty of companies have other perks too to attract the people they need and retain them for the long haul. From opportunities to work abroad to training opportunities and even company wide BBQ, there are many ways to lure the employees you want.