May 2, 2016



Shutterstock Sees 30 Percent Bump in Second Quarter

Shutterstock has reported a 30 percent growth in revenue during the last quarter. That boon may not be all good news, especially stockholders. After announcing the figures, the company's stock tumbled.

paypal hq

PayPal Will Change User Agreement After Robocall Concerns

A new User Agreement between PayPal and its users would seem to give the company almost unlimited right to robocall and text users at any number the company believes it can reach them. But PayPal says it will amend the agreement following complaints from customer advocacy groups and the FCC.


Santander and Monitise Team Up to Invest in Fintech Startups

Financial technology or fintech businesses may be major players in the near future, not just as tools for consumers but also has partners for other startups and small businesses. How could technology redefine the way your business handles its finances?

UPS truck

UPS Capital Partners with Kabbage Inc.

UPS has partnered with Kabbage Inc. to allow its customers the ability to access more capital through Kabbage's automated process.

eggs in one basket

Smart Business People Separate Eggs to Avoid a Scramble

When building your business, remember that diversifying is often best. Some of the most successful business people avoid putting all their eggs in one basket. The result can make a mess of your finances.


Loyalty Capital: When Your Customers are a Financial Asset

A startup company, ZipCap, wants to use a business's customer loyalty as a means of raising capital for that business. If a company has a loyal following, ZipCap finds investors for businesses that allow them to grow.

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