December 1, 2015


Everything you need to know about selecting a franchise to buy into as part of your entrepreneurial journey.

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Three Indicators of New Franchisor Success

A new study from says it knows three key indicators that likely determine whether a new franchise company is primed for success or destined to close its doors quickly.

Franchisors and Franchisees Fight

Why Franchisors and Franchisees Fight

Discounting strategies employed by a lot of franchisors -- like offering coupons -- can cause a rift between them and the franchisees who depend upon exceeding sales goals to make a profit.

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The Best Business Ideas for Franchising

Not all franchise business opportunities are the same. It's wise to do plenty of research before jumping in to just any franchise opportunity.

tot squad

Tot Squad Will Help Install Your Baby Gear

The franchise startup Tot Squad offers services to busy parents that can often be the bane of child rearing. Tot Squad will actually clean -- even vomit -- from car seats and strollers and even show parents how to install child seats properly in their vehicles.