June 29, 2015


Everything you need to know about selecting a franchise to buy into as part of your entrepreneurial journey.

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Blimpie Franchise Raises Money for Low Income Housing

OK, maybe opening a franchise sandwich shop isn't the first thing that comes to every non-profit organizers mind when trying to figure out how to raise more cash. Then again, maybe it should be. Check out how this group found funds in franchising profits.


How to Lose a Franchise in One Day Flat

A deadly shootout in Waco, Texas, between rival biker clubs left 9 dead and another 18 seriously injured. The Twin Peaks restaurant franchise location that served as battleground has since been closed by the home office. So, is that it for Twin Peaks in Waco?

matthew bird

Public Relations for Small Businesses — Does That Exist?

What's the future of PR and is there a way to make PR finally work for small businesses in a way it never really has before? That would be in a package that includes budget friendly, performance based services. One PR veteran believes he's knocked it out of the park.