Everything you need to know about selecting a franchise to buy into as part of your entrepreneurial journey.

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weight loss

The Franchise Way To Lose Weight

If you watch any amount of television in January, it’s impossible to escape commercials from companies offering to help you lose weight - and change your …

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Top Franchise Trends for 2013

2013 could turn out to be a terrific year to enter the world of franchise business ownership.  If you’re thinking about exploring the idea of being your own …

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Franchising And Politics

Never in its history, has the franchise industry been more engaged and more vocal about the issues facing our nation. It’s a trend that I’ve been watching …

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burger king

The Hottest Franchises

The other day, a reporter for a Hispanic business magazine asked me what I thought the hottest franchises were this year. I hesitated, like I always do when I …

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going under

What If Your Franchisor Goes Under?

Most potential franchisees don’t go into a franchise business feeling paranoid about the financial strength of their franchisor. That’s because would-be …

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The Franchise Discovery Day

In most cases, you’ll have to be invited to what’s known in the franchise industry as a Discovery Day. And, if you are invited to a Discovery Day, get …

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The Top Franchise Trends for 2012

There’s certainly no shortage of dynamic concepts to explore in franchising in 2012. Finding opportunities to get into a business of your own is the easy …

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