September 24, 2016

Green Business

Recycling, sustainability, alternative energy, and just plain old frugal responsibility when it comes to running a business…. Learn how to become a green business — or at least how to become “greener.”


Renewable Energy Group Acquires Imperial Renewables

Renewable Energy Group has agreed to purchase all the bio-diesel production abilities of Imperium Renewables. The $15 million acquisition could serve as a watershed moment for smaller ag businesses looking to monetize their waste as byproducts.

california landscape

One Industry is Thriving in the California Drought

The California drought seems like it may never end and that's hurting a lot of landscape businesses in the state -- and just about every lawn, too. But one company, California Native Landscape Design, has found profit in the drought. The company offers native landscaping featuring plants that are resistant to drought conditions.


Chef Creates a Sustainable Menu Using Food Waste

A California restauranteur has a unique spin on a sustainable menu. At Union Pasadena, they're taking the parts of produce that are typically thrown in the trash or, at best, used as compost, are being spun into sauces, garnishes, and then whole meals.

nigerian car

Does This Man Hold the Keys to Nigeria’s Future?

Segun Oyeyiola may be on to something with his solar car, a modified VW Beetle. And he could have the keys to Nigeria's future in the auto industry. He's rigged his vehicle to operate on renewable energies, solar and wind power.

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