January 27, 2015

Green Business

Recycling, sustainability, alternative energy, and just plain old frugal responsibility when it comes to running a business…. Learn how to become a green business — or at least how to become “greener.”

b corp

Should You Become a B Corp?

When most businesses think about incorporating, they consider S corps, C corps or LLCs. But there’s an emerging alternative for business owners who want to …

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frozen dollar bill

Cooling Off Your Summer A/C Bills

Work up a sweat just thinking about business’s air-conditioning bills this summer? Believe it or not, your electric company may be able to cut you a …

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Why Earth Day Isn’t Every Day

Like many eco-conscious consumers, I’m bothered when I see businesses use Earth Day as a blatant excuse to sell more stuff. Not to mention that many people …

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the cloud

Save Energy: Move IT To The Cloud

Cloud computing.  The running of computer applications off remote servers, usually the Internet, is considered the next big thing when it comes to improving …

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How to Embrace the Sharing Economy

Most businesses worry about selling things. But perhaps they should think more about sharing them. There’s a whole crowd (or Uniiverse, as it may be) of …

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gold coins

Why Green is Still Gold

My fellow Small Biz Trends columnist Joel Libava recently wrote a thought-provoking post asking: Are Green Businesses Still Golden? He points to some possible …

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