May 25, 2016


Professional cartoonist Mark Anderson, owner of Andertoons, brings readers a new business cartoon each week. He also adds the “backstory” about how he came up with the creative idea behind the cartoon.

For a selection of cartoons you are free to download for use in blogs, presentations and newsletters, go to our Business Cartoons Gallery.


Mergers Can Be Difficult on Everyone

Mergers are certainly no fairy tale. You've got new faces in new places and sometimes, a few people have to wear multiple hats.


How Can We Make Sales Graphs More Scintillating?

Okay, sales graphs are pretty important for digesting otherwise bland data. But let's be honest, sales graphs aren't all that intriguing and a meeting about the graphs ... well, you get the rather mundane picture.


A Small Attempt to Do Something Bigger

A lot of times, big things are the culmination of a lot of little things. Those little things lead to bigger ideas and drive at a common, larger goal.


Digging Deep on Data Means … Licorice?

Small businesses now have lots of data through which to comb. And it can mean a great deal to your business success. It can also be just a bunch of colorful graphs and charts.


Learning the Hard Way About Hiring

Some things are just learned over time and, usually, by making a fair share of mistakes. With hiring, you'll obviously want to avoid someone with some glaring red flags.


New Year Offers a Chance for New Directions

It's a brand new year? Have you got some new opportunities to explore with your business? Mark Anderson shares this cartoon to get the creative juices flowing. And it may just give you something to smile about as well.


When In Doubt, Grin and Bear It

Drawing a blank as a cartoonist isn't really an option. In those situations, you have to draw what you know.

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