Professional cartoonist Mark Anderson, owner of Andertoons, brings readers a new business cartoon each week. He also adds the “backstory” about how he came up with the creative idea behind the cartoon.

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Never Mind the “Looming Specter” Floating Above You

Ever hear a phrase in conversation with a colleague or client that makes you sit up and take notice? If you're a cartoonist like Mark Anderson, it may even cause a funny image to pop into your brain. Here Anderson explains how even a phrase read or heard in passing can be solid gold in his business. Enjoy!


Next Year, I’m Buying My Phone a First-Class Ticket to Somewhere Else

You know the promises you make about leaving work behind while on vacation. Unfortunately, like most, you're probably better at making those promises than keeping them. The cartoon above suggests maybe it's time to send your work gadgets on a vacation of their own.


Memories of Office Lunches Past

It could be one of the most abused appliances in the appliance world. The break room refrigerator can be a treasure trove, though. It's probably where you left that banana a few months ago. Be warned, opening the door can bring on a flood of sme ... er, memories.


Open With a Joke … Just Make It Funny

At the National Cartoonists Society, butterflies and nerves were quickly distant memories when a joke to open a presentation hits the right mark and gets a few laughs.


Playing Catch Up? Use Both Hands

Hope you enjoyed that vacation. Because the one thing you are definitely not going to enjoy is returning to the office to find the mountain of work that has accumulated while you were away.


Next Level Jumping the Shark

So many people say they are "taking things to the next level" these days you might wish we had another expression to distinguish real next level thinking from the pack. Fortunately, cartoonist Mark Anderson has a few suggestions to try on for size.


Promotion Off the Beaten Path

If you don't understand how "creating awareness" fits into the field of marketing, you're not alone. But don't worry. This may clear things up ... or not.

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